TOPS Knives Retailer Application

If you are interested in becoming a authorized TOPS Knives retailer please complete this form to apply.

If the Initial Minimum Purchase poses a difficulty for you at this time, we would respectfully suggest that you contact our Master Wholesale Distributor.

Blue Ridge Knives


Application Requirements

Applicants Must Meet the Following Requirements:
  • Be In Business At Least 1 Year
  • Initial Minimum Purchase of $1500.00 US
  • Business License #
  • Resale Tax ID #
If It Is Your Intention to Market / Sell Via a Website or eBay, Do Not Complete This Form, Call Us Directly at 208.542.0113
If you meet all of the above requirements please fill out the retailer application form.

Contact Information

TOPS Knives
P.O. Box 2544
Idaho Falls, ID 83403



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