Care & Feeding

Care & Feeding for Your New TOPS Knife

Congratulations on your receipt of a TOPS, Tactical Ops Products Knife.

We have taken great care to individually hand make this fine knife. In order to keep it in the finest condition, we have made a list of some general good care tips which would apply to any quality tool or knife.

  1. Some of our models have a coating of an Epoxy Hybrid Base with Polyester, which is electrostatically applied and baked on in an oven. It is industrial strength and the toughest material we could find. From time to time, the Saw Teeth on the top of the blade may lose small pieces of the coating. This is NOT a problem, as the sharp abrasive angles of the teeth are made to cut hard, and the coating will in fact come off the edge eventually.
  2. Our blades are made of the best High Carbon Alloy Steel. With all higher quality knife steels, (including stainless), there may be a tendency for small rust spots to appear, particularly if not wiped dry. We pre-treat each blade with Tuf-Glide (developed for and tested by the US NAVY SEALS) to prevent rusting. In the normal course of use in the field it is wise to wipe off your cutting edges when you're finished using the knife. When you return home or to camp or when putting your knife away for a while, another wipe keeps it ready for your next field trip.
  3. The Kydex Sheath is individually molded for your knife. It is not made to fit other models or types of knives. If during use it becomes dirty or filled with sand, etc., we suggest the following; remove the knife and just run warm water through the open end of the sheath; the bottom has a drainage hole. If the outside of the sheath becomes dirty, a combination of soap and warm water usually does the trick. After washing, allow the sheath to dry completely prior to replacing the knife.
  4. Sharpening: Heavy field knives used for chopping do not necessarily require a razor edge. We do put the best working edge on the knives. Should you require a new factory edge in the future, we are happy to do it free of charge for you. Please contact us prior to shipping.

Please enjoy your knife!
We enjoyed making it... you can depend upon it to perform well in good hands.

All The Best,

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