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Camo Finish (+$30.00)Camo Finish (+$30.00)
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California Cobra

Renowned Knife Author Joe Kertzman Wrote In Blade Magazine In Feb 2007 And Said; "With Input From Kenpo (A Japanese Martial Arts Form) And Police Instructor Jed Lewis, Leo (The Lion) Espinosa Designed The Tops Knives California Cobra As A Self Defense Tool, Tops Soon Discovered, However, That The Design Lended Itself To Utility Applications As Well. The Integral 'Cal. Cobra' Sports A Pronounced Recurved Blade That Is Double Edged, With Roughly The First Two Thirds Of The Blade Spine, From Tip To Back, Sharpened. Additionally, The Integral Finger Guard Is Spiked At The End. This Is Truly A Very Clever Defensive Tool, Which When Used Properly Will Definitely Assist The Carrier Of This Knife.

*** Note: Leo Espinosa A Tops Manager, Is Also An Accomplished Knife Designer And Custom Knife Maker

The California Cobra, is the innovation of one of the TOPS Knifemakers / Designer Leo Espinoza and American Kempo / Police Instructor Jed Lewis. Six months of design and testing produced a Tool with both back and front cuts, plus an integrated Pressure Point Release. Presently, set for testing with two major Police Departments with incredible market acceptance already.

The California Cobra a radically new design with recognizably, (less than lethal) utilization for self defense. For civilians, male or female, as well as Law Enforcement. It offers more options than a standard utility tool, with only cutting capabilities. It has the capacity to be utilized with minimal training, to exert concentrated, powerful point pressure on the aggressors hands or forearms to cause a faster release of the opponents grip, without having to cut or slash the aggressor. The Cal Cobra may be worn around the neck, and under a shirt or on a belt. It has a very low profile and sits fairly flat against the body, it has a hard kydex formed sheath with an adjustable steel spring clip on. Measuring only 6" long and 3/16" thick, it is strong, compact and facilitates fast defensive moves. TOPS has had numerous request by various Law Enforcement units to start making aluminum trainers as well. This Tool is made in the USA with pride and great craftsmanship.


Upper Cutting Edge: 1.75"
Lower Cutting Edge: 3.0"
O/A Length: 6.0"
Thickness: 3/16"
Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58
Handle Material: Black G-10
Designed by Leo Espinoza
Sheath: Kydex with a Multi-Position Steel Spring Clip
Weight: 4.4oz
Weight w/ Sheath: 6.2oz
***Mfg. Handcrafted in the USA***

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