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A special mission expert...

A Half moonlit night...

The silence in the woods is deafening...

The cold fog moving slowly...

The exfiltrator like a prowling cat moves slowly through the trees and in the shadows.

He leads the group carefully moving towards the extraction point. He knows the success of the mission and delivering the 'package' depends on him. His training, stealth, and cunning will carry him through, plus the continual rush of adrenaline keeps him on the edge...


Armin Steutz Stated:

I am currently using traditional and proven designs from different cultural back grounds and epochs. I try to combine those designs with new technology and modern materials, but I also try to keep the old spirit in my designs. In my production every knife is seen as a work of art. To be innovative is essential to being successful. All designs are based on TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). Based on a market study, around 50% of sold products within the next 10 years have not yet been invented. As a knife maker it is an honor for me to make designs for TOPS Knives. On my hunting trips I usually carry two knives. 1 folding knife and 1 fixed blade. For skinning work and kitchen work I use fixed blade knives and for the fine work I use folding knives.

I grew up in Styria, a region positively affected by the steel industry. Because of this it was never a problem to have access to high quality steel for my production. Even today I still have a lot of friends working for the steel industry who are give me a hand in regard to the metal science and endurance tests. When I was around 10 years old I got my first personal hunting knife as a present from my father. I remember that in the same year we went for summer vacation to the country side. Full of pride I carried my knife on my belt. Two days later it was lost and never found again. This was a big personal loss for me and since that time I’ve always tried to make knives by myself. At first I started with wooden knives, later I changed to nails and sheet metal. Since then the fascination for knives never stopped. Around the year 1980 I started to collect combat knives from all over the world. In the same year I produced my first professional knife, which is still in my ownership. I always carry a knife with me and I chance type and model to the occasion or the dress code.

Usually I take a selection of different knives out of my production on my hunting trips to South Africa. I made a habit to give one knife as a present to each hunting guide. Once a friend of mine called me and told me that he brought a wonderful knife back from a trip to South Africa and he would be eager to show it to me. As we met some weeks later he showed me the knife which was from my production.

Now we make different designs for several knife companies over the world.

Since 2004 I am member of the ABS.

In 2011 my knife company Steirer Eisen celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Article by Tactical-Life


O/A Length: 11"
Blade Length: 5 3/4"
Thickness: 3/16"
Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel RC 56-58
Handle: "RMT" Micarta
Blade Color: Black Traction Coating
Sheath: Kydex
Weight W/O Sheath: 10oz
Designed by: ARMIN STUETZ

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