MAK 7 Green


MAK 7 Green
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"MISSION ENABLER" is what MSG Kim Breed (5th Special Forces R' TD), called the MAK-7. MAK-7 (short for Military Assault Knife), was put through its paces in a Spec Sheet Review in Blade Magazine Sept 2008 and MSG Breed said the following:

"The MAK-7 from TOPS is a heavy-duty field dagger made to play rough. I will say one thing:TOPS KNIVES are built strong. The edge held up to the chopping, so I set my sights farther down the blade to the tip-the most used portion of a dagger. I found an old 785 page parts book, and, using the overhand/ice pick grip, started stabbing big holes into it. The MAK -7 penetrated all the way through, plus and eighth inch. Even after eight stabs, the penetration was the same.
Overall: The MAK 7 is a great heavy-duty dagger that will last a lifetime."

The foregoing are only excerpts from a full article appearing in the Sept 08 issue of Blade Magazine



Blade Length: 6 3/4"
Cutting Edge:6.0"
Overall Length:12 1/4"
Blade Color: Tactical Black
Thickness: 1/4
Steel: 1095 high Carbon alloy RC-58
Handles: Green Black G-10
Sheath: Combat Ballistic Nylon
Pry Bar/Splitter at back of Handle
Weight: 15.7oz
Weight w/ Sheath: 20.9oz

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