High Risk Entry Tool Or Camping Tool (This item has been discontinued) 

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Discontinued Item. Check with a TOPS Dealer for Availability.
Camo Finish (+$30.00)Camo Finish (+$30.00)
Black Traction CoatingBlack Traction Coating
Rocky Mountain Tread (+$30.00)Rocky Mountain Tread (+$30.00)
Standard HandleStandard Handle


Outfitters AXE #OX5

TOPS New Outfitter 5" Utility Hand Axe or OX-05 Hatchet, was designed by a collaboration effort between Dave Burnell, a former Air Force Search & Rescue Operative & CEO of OPS Gear, and Allen Jensen, a Youth Survival Instructor who has been worked with various Idaho Guides & Outfitters for more than fifteen years. The OX-05 design incorporates useful features for both Hunters and Tactical Users alike.

The straight 5" blade will chop like a meat cleaver as well as hue like a broad axe. The Black Linen Micarta� Handle provides a comfortable grip with good traction even when wet or bloody.

The oval hole in the head allows the user's fingers to make a firm grip, close to the blade for delicate knife work, as well as providing a possible way to lash the OX-05 to a pack or saddle.

The provided Kydex Heavy Duty LBE Sheath with "Jump Pin" secures the hatchet solidly while still providing fast access when needed. Made of 1/4" 1095 High Carbon Steel and weighing just 30 ounces the 14 1/4" OX-05 provides enough forward mass to chop very efficiently, but yet still weigh about the same as most heavy use knives of the same length. The smooth back allows for limited use as a hammer while providing constant control when changing from use as a knife to a hatchet in one continuous motion.

The manufacturers suggested retail is $149.00 a bargain when one considers the versatility and great balance this hatchet has. It's obvious that it will soon become a favorite of both Hunters and Operatives alike.


Blade Length: 5.0"
O/A Length: 12.0"
Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58
Sheath: Kydex With Rotating Steel Spring Clip
Designed by Allen Jensen
Mfg. Handcrafted in the USA

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