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Introducing the CUMA TAK-RI (Tactical Kukri) fixed combat/sportsman/survival/camp knife with FULL Woodsman-Style handles.

Written by: Waysun Johnny Tsai

The CUMA TAK-RI is not your a-typical kukri with a tactical spin on it. In fact, one must understand what a Gurkha Kukri is to see the curve in it's blade.
The kukri (Devnagari/ खुकुरी) (originally spelled khukri or khukuri) is a curved Nepalese Knife used as both a tool and as a weapon. It is a traditional weapon for Nepalese people, and also a weapon of choice/side arm for all Nepalese including those serving in different armies around the world.

The word Tactical translates into practical functionality, especially among millitary and law enforcement. That was the thought going into the knife's design. The CUMA Tactical Street Defense program was created by world renowned CQC expert Sijo Waysun Johnny Tsai in 2000. As of date, SiJo has over 31 years in the martial arts along with 25 years experience as an instructor. He wanted to create what he considered to be a truly functional knife that could be used for CQTcombat, street defense along with being an all around TOOL for the Outdoor Sportsman.

A few others helped along the way offering expert advice to ensure TOP performance of this blade.
Those experts include TOPS KNIVES founder/owner; Mr. Mike Fuller as well as the creator of the BESH WEDGE; Mr. Brent Beshara (BESH gave the knife it's name!).

A few things were mandatory for the blade: It had to be built strong and durable, so he approached TOPS KNIVES to make it. It's full tang frame is built out of 1095 high carbon steel with a thin strip of black linen micarta handle for weight reduction. At just 3/16" in thickness, this is one wickedly fast blade. The belly of the blade is deep for chopping firewood and shelter building.

It needed to have a large curved primary bottom edge, a partial top edge (for reverse swings) and what Sijo calls his "SHARK TEETH Serrations" serration for blocking, ripping and tearing bush, cord or anything that gets in it's way. The handle had to offer two types of grip options "long grip" for full extended machete swings as well as a choked up grip for precision cuts or carving. AND finally, a small pry for scraping and lanyard hole at the butt of the handle. Mr. Mike Fuller has stated that the CUMA TAK-RI is extremely interesting and no other knife in the extensive TOPS catalog is quite like it.

Once you hold the CUMA TAK-RI you will immediately agree that it is truly "Hard To The Core". In Fact, the TAK-RI caused such a buzz at the 2011 SHOT Show that Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) pre-ordered his from the Tops Knives booth.

The CUMA TAK-RI can also be seen in IDW Publishing's ongoing G.I. JOE comic book series "SNAKE EYES". Comic book artist Robert Atkins selected the TAK-RI as the SERIES EXCLUSIVE knife for the most Iconic Ninja of all time. Snake Eyes can be seen slashing Cobra troops starting in issue #2 which hits comic book shops worldwide in June of 2011. The CUMA TAK-RI is also featured on the cover of issue #6 of Snake Eyes.

More information about Robert Atkins can be found at

Full sized CUMA TAK-RI aluminum training knives were used for months during class and in seminars for R&D prior to making the first steel prototype. USA made aluminum training blades along with a new instructional DVD entitled "CUMA EDGED WEAPON TRAINING" will be available through this website Summer of 2011. The proto-type is anodized Law Enforcement blue and has a thin handle strip on it, it is an excellent replica of the CUMA TAK-RI and training tool for any knife fighting system. It can be seen here.

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O/A Length: 13 1/2"
Top Edge: 4"
Bottom Edge: 7"
Thickness: 3/16"
Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel RC 56-58
Handle: Micarta
Blade Color: Black Traction Coating
Sheath: Ballistic Nylon
Desiged by: Waysun Johnny Tsai

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