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The Silent Hero was designed by Anton Du Plessis, who is the Chief of Operations for the Specialized Interdiction Unit of the Silent Heroes Foundation. His task is to combat the poaching crisis in South Africa. This knife has to be durable, versatile, and able to fill Anton’s needs in the field, which affected the design of the blade and the handle. It will definitely hold up to hard use. And with a weight of only 12oz., you’ll be able to use the knife without getting fatigued too quickly.

You’ll notice there is a lanyard hole in the handle along with another in the finger guard. This is meant to allow the user to add a safety cord in order to improve the grip on the handle, which already allows for a solid grip. The finger-guard hole can also be used to assist in lashing to a spear when the situation warrants it.

There is a finger choil up into the blade to give you the ability to choke up and execute precise, fine cuts. The drop point design makes this knife great for slicing and gives the tip extra strength. So this knife will be a great knife for bushcraft, survival, and tactical purposes.

The black leather sheath is durable and looks great paired with this knife. The Silent Hero is held in place with a single snap loop that curls around the finger guard.

The Silent Hero is a great design that lends to a very versatile blade. It is not so large that it can only be used to chop, but is also still big enough to complete most of the tasks you can do or want to do with a smaller knife.

TOPS Knives is a proud supporter and Corporate Sponsor of the Silent Heroes Foundation.

Get yours today.

Please take a moment to check out the Silent Heroes Foundation and learn more about this great organization at Here at TOPS, we are honored to be associated with this great cause. We also wish to show our appreciation for similar missions throughout the world that help to preserve and protect endangered wildlife. Thank you all for your efforts.

Short bio on Anto Du Plessis here



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MINI SCANDI KNIFE 2.5 Black Linen Micarta MINI SCANDI KNIFE 2.5 Black Linen Micarta

*The Perfect Companion*
Pair today with the TOPS B.O.B knife.
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MINI SCANDI KNIFE Black Linen Micarta

Originally designed from the Finnish sami knife, used by the Laplanders for all their hunting and bushcraeft tasks. These knives have traditionally been flat ground, single or double sided, with a "zero-ground" edge--ground to the edge.

It occurred to TOPS that a good idea is still a good idea in a smaller package. The "Mini Scandi" was a result of the very popular, original Brothers of Bushcraft (BROS-01) knife.
It offers all the advantages of a modified Scandi grind (10 degrees) in a neck/small sheath knife, just more concealable.

All of the cutting ability of a larger Scandi that can also fit in your pocket or pack. 


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Combining rugged good looks and effective field performance!

Limited Quantities, Check with a TOPS Dealer


S.N.A.P. Kit 

I have been working with TOPS Knives USA to produce my second knife design with them. The S.N.A.P. Card (Survival Needs And Preparedness.)

"The little tool that fills some big shoes when it comes to survival in the wilderness."


We all have different ideas about what makes the perfect outdoor and survival blade. This is what makes the knife industry so diverse and exciting. But for all the millions of designs out there I could not find a single one that fit snugly in a tin and could also be used for more than skinning a sparrow. So I set out to design one! What I came up with is the S.N.A.P. Card. It is 1095 HC Steel with a coating of Ceracoat in canyon red. It is 1/8" thick and it has sort of a modified chisel grind on the two cutting edges. The full kit weighs in at just 5 oz and the blade alone is 2oz. So at 5 oz and about the size of a pack of cigarettes you can carry it practically everywhere and never leave home without the ability to survive a few uncomfortable nights stranded in the wilderness. There is no magic formula that will make a small knife perform like a large one. That is why I did not shrink a tradition knife down to fit in the tin. I started with a piece of steel that would fit the space. Next, I made a list of the main functions that it MUST be able to perform. Only then did I design the blade so that it would meet or exceed the primary functions in a survival scenario. A byproduct of this approach is that the tool itself is non-threatening in appearance to the uninitiated. This means that you can use it in everyday circumstances like opening packages or cutting a sandwich without alarming your coworkers or onlookers. This is not to say that it will not serve as a formidable defensive weapon if the need arises. It will indeed perform when called upon. The S.N.A.P. tool is a nontraditional, purpose designed, survival and EDC blade that you can depend on when it matters and your life is on the line.

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The S.N.A.P. kit contains:
1 S.N.A.P. Card Knife
1 Metal storage box
1 Fresnel lens
1 Signal whistle (126 Db)
1 Button compass
1 Cotton pad
12' Orange marking tape
25' Fishing line
2 Fish hooks
12' Micro cord
1 Sail needle
2 Safety pins
1 P38 can opener
1 Ferro rod
1 Acrylic signal mirror
1 Heavy rubber band
1 ID card

As you can see from the contents list that this kit contains just about everything that you need to get you through a rough day or two. It lacks any major sized water container but that is a small trade off. You can always boil and drink water directly out of the metal tin and there is almost always some trash around that you can put water in.

S.N.A.P. Card Sheaths by Red Hill Sheath available at

Blog article with many pictures of its different uses here.

Article written by:David "Norseman" Williams USMC (Ret) 

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Coyote Tan Tom Brown Tracker

Download The Instruction Booklet INSTRUCTIONS
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TOPS Trailwalker Tool

This is the newest addition to TOPS Knives called the “TTT” TOPS Trailwalker Tool. The front knife/spear portion of the tool is made of 1095 high carbon alloy, with a 56-58 differentially heat treated edge. The blade is powder coated with Black Traction Coating. With a bottom cutting edge of 4 inches and the top edge (sharpening optional) is 3 ½ inches. The overall length is 8 13/16 inches.

The knife/spear portion connects with the aluminum handle (6061-T 6) sliding over the staff and is held in place by a steel spring button. This setup makes it easy to take the knife portion off the staff and use as a regular knife. The staff telescopes in/out and has a sturdy twist lock mechanism. The TTT in the fully extended position is made for short jabbing motions for small game etc. It is not made for distance throwing.

This is an ideal combination tool and companion for a good walk “off-grid.”

For more pictures and descpritions click here.

J.B. Bio Here

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Combining rugged good looks and effective field performance!

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3 week processing time, due to demand.



Introducing one of the newest members of the TOPS family, the SCANDI TREKKER. If you have been searching for something smaller than our popular Brothers of Bushcraft, bigger than our Mini Scandi 2.5, or if you’re simply looking to complete the set, the Scandi Trekker is the perfect knife for you.

This knife boasts a tumble finish with our famous modified scandi grind and Green Canvas Micarta handle scales. The ergonomic handle makes the Scandi Trekker great for prolonged and every day use. You'll find that this grind gives you excellent control while still maintaining a very sharp edge on a wide variety of cutting tasks.

We know you'll find the SCANDI TREKKER to be... ...JUST RIGHT!

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Shark Tooth Tactical

The Shark Tooth Tactical features the SLYSTEEL Split Finger Guard (patent pending). This knife is versatile and can be used for penetrating sheet metal, shattering tempered automobile glass, or for an offensive or defensive weapon. The Shark Tooth Tactical is single edged. The blade is zoned hardened on the cutting edge and the spine. The grip is textured micarta for maximum grip stability even when wet. The full tang features a lanyard hole. The blade is powder coated to eliminate reflection and to prevent corrosion.

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Knife available through only.

Shark Tooth Hunter

The Shark Tooth Hunter features the SLYSTEEL Split Finger Guard (patent pending). The Shark Tooth Hunter is available single-edged or dual-edged. It is available in two sizes - 9.5 inch overall length and 10.5 inch overall length. The deep belly of the blade offers a versatile edge for skinning and butchering game. The blade is zoned hardened on the cutting edge and the spine. The grip is textured micarta for maximum grip even when wet. The full tang design features a lanyard hole. The blade is powder coated to eliminate reflection and to prevent corrosion.

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