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Coyote Tan Tom Brown Tracker

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TOPS Trailwalker Tool

This is the newest addition to TOPS Knives called the “TTT” TOPS Trailwalker Tool. The front knife/spear portion of the tool is made of 1095 high carbon alloy, with a 56-58 differentially heat treated edge. The blade is powder coated with Black Traction Coating. With a bottom cutting edge of 4 inches and the top edge (sharpening optional) is 3 ½ inches. The overall length is 8 13/16 inches.

The knife/spear portion connects with the aluminum handle (6061-T 6) sliding over the staff and is held in place by a steel spring button. This setup makes it easy to take the knife portion off the staff and use as a regular knife. The staff telescopes in/out and has a sturdy twist lock mechanism. The TTT in the fully extended position is made for short jabbing motions for small game etc. It is not made for distance throwing.

This is an ideal combination tool and companion for a good walk “off-grid.”

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Combining rugged good looks and effective field performance!

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Introducing one of the newest members of the TOPS family, the SCANDI TREKKER. If you have been searching for something smaller than our popular Brothers of Bushcraft, bigger than our Mini Scandi 2.5, or if you’re simply looking to complete the set, the Scandi Trekker is the perfect knife for you.

This knife boasts a tumble finish with our famous modified scandi grind and Green Canvas Micarta handle scales. The ergonomic handle makes the Scandi Trekker great for prolonged and every day use. You'll find that this grind gives you excellent control while still maintaining a very sharp edge on a wide variety of cutting tasks.

We know you'll find the SCANDI TREKKER to be... ...JUST RIGHT!

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Shark Tooth Tactical

The Shark Tooth Tactical features the SLYSTEEL Split Finger Guard (patent pending). This knife is versatile and can be used for penetrating sheet metal, shattering tempered automobile glass, or for an offensive or defensive weapon. The Shark Tooth Tactical is single edged. The blade is zoned hardened on the cutting edge and the spine. The grip is textured micarta for maximum grip stability even when wet. The full tang features a lanyard hole. The blade is powder coated to eliminate reflection and to prevent corrosion.

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Shark Tooth Hunter

The Shark Tooth Hunter features the SLYSTEEL Split Finger Guard (patent pending). The Shark Tooth Hunter is available single-edged or dual-edged. It is available in two sizes - 9.5 inch overall length and 10.5 inch overall length. The deep belly of the blade offers a versatile edge for skinning and butchering game. The blade is zoned hardened on the cutting edge and the spine. The grip is textured micarta for maximum grip even when wet. The full tang design features a lanyard hole. The blade is powder coated to eliminate reflection and to prevent corrosion.

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The Wolf pAX 2 combo

“Rugged good looks and

Some 12 years later and hundreds of sales all over the world the TOPS Wolf Pup is one of our most popular knives. It is easy to carry, fits most hands, fairly small, highly efficient, finely engineered and great to use in most situations. With that in mind we decided to add it to our brand new field ax and call it the Wolf pAX 2.

The hand ax was made to carry on your belt or your pack, even in your canoe. Made of 1095 high carbon alloy, the beard of the axe measures a good 3 inches and the handle measures 5 inches. The canvas Micarta handle ensures a safe grip with positive traction. If you’re taking an elk apart or cutting small trees, the axe delivers cutting power with a punch. This handy combination is mounted together in a U.S. made tough Kydex sheath. This is a strong combination worthy of most woodmen, trekkers, canoers, campers and survival oriented folks.

“Made for rugged use by rugged people”

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One of our most anticipated knives
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Wild Pig Hunter

Wild pig hunting has become a very popular sport as well as a necessity in many areas due to their overwhelming numbers and the damage they do.

Wild pigs (aka wild boar, feral hogs - ‘sus scrofa’).

Feral hogs may appear basically the same as domestic hogs and a wide variety in colors and coat patterns. A mature feral hog may reach a weight of 100 to over 400 pounds. They have 4 continuous tusks , 2 top and 2 bottom and their contact causes a continuous sharpening of the lower tusks. The tusks combined with their lightning speed can cause serious damage to a hunter or their dogs.

The TOPS ‘Wild Pig Hunter knife’ is a seriously hardcore design, the 7 1/2” blade is made for deep positive piercing penetration and is combined with a strong puncture point.

Each blade is ground from ¼” thick 1095 high carbon steel.
To add to a highly functional blade, we have enhanced the blade by adding our ‘Black River Wash’ finish, (you can see the heat treat line running along the entire blade edge), and the final clear coat will give years of dependable service.

The handle is designed using green canvas Micarta and our well known ‘Rocky Mountain Tread’ which ensures a positive grip even when in wet, muddy or bloody conditions.
The sheath is made in the USA of vegetable tanned, tough steerhide.

"This is definitely a great backup knife for difficult situations and hard use."

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Backwoods Skinner

"Years ago, while I was a teenager, a friend of mine showed me an authentic Alaskan Ulu that he had received from a friend of his. I had never seen anything like it and immediately saw the benefits for skinning, food prep and light bushcrafting. I have been a big fan of the Ulu since and as a hunter, when I was designing the Backwoods Skinner I couldn’t think of any blade geometry that fit my purpose for this knife like the Ulu.

I decided to use the same deep belly of the Ulu for skinning purposes, but opted for a smaller blade and a rear oriented grip for getting into tighter areas and the ability to do finer skinning work. I went with the straight clip point so that it would allow for the index finger to run up the spine to the tip, allowing you to guide the Backwoods Skinner into tighter spots with greater control. I decided to angle the grip away from the blade in an effort to allow for a natural break to the wrist for better ergonomics and to prevent fatigue in the wrist when working with it for extended periods of time.

In an effort to make this a full featured hunting knife, I knew that it needed a gut hook for expedient field stripping of your game but I opted against putting it on the spine of the knife for a few reasons; first - the blade geometry and angle of the grip would have made this option difficult to use, second - my intended use of the index finger to guide the blade into tight areas would be dangerous with a gut hook in the way and three - spine oriented gut hooks tend to tear coats, clothing and sheaths when pulled out. So for these reasons I spent some time trying to come up with some different options, when I decided on a parasite gut hook. This keeps the gut hook shrouded when not in use and is safer when it is in use, because you sheath the blade to use it.

The ovulated grip was designed to fit the ergonomics of the hand, again allowing for extended use with minimal fatigue and with the tightening at the hilt you can achieve a firm purchase of the grip with maximum control when pulling the blade through your cut.

The Backwoods Skinner was designed for everything from large game hunting down to wilderness survival small game hunting/trapping and light bushcrafting in mind. Enjoy and happy hunting."

Download an Instructional PDF on how to use the knife Here

Write up done by Joshua Swanagon

Short bio on Joshua Swanagon here

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