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Backwoods Skinner

"Years ago, while I was a teenager, a friend of mine showed me an authentic Alaskan Ulu that he had received from a friend of his. I had never seen anything like it and immediately saw the benefits for skinning, food prep and light bushcrafting. I have been a big fan of the Ulu since and as a hunter, when I was designing the Backwoods Skinner I couldn’t think of any blade geometry that fit my purpose for this knife like the Ulu.

I decided to use the same deep belly of the Ulu for skinning purposes, but opted for a smaller blade and a rear oriented grip for getting into tighter areas and the ability to do finer skinning work. I went with the straight clip point so that it would allow for the index finger to run up the spine to the tip, allowing you to guide the Backwoods Skinner into tighter spots with greater control. I decided to angle the grip away from the blade in an effort to allow for a natural break to the wrist for better ergonomics and to prevent fatigue in the wrist when working with it for extended periods of time.

In an effort to make this a full featured hunting knife, I knew that it needed a gut hook for expedient field stripping of your game but I opted against putting it on the spine of the knife for a few reasons; first - the blade geometry and angle of the grip would have made this option difficult to use, second - my intended use of the index finger to guide the blade into tight areas would be dangerous with a gut hook in the way and three - spine oriented gut hooks tend to tear coats, clothing and sheaths when pulled out. So for these reasons I spent some time trying to come up with some different options, when I decided on a parasite gut hook. This keeps the gut hook shrouded when not in use and is safer when it is in use, because you sheath the blade to use it.

The ovulated grip was designed to fit the ergonomics of the hand, again allowing for extended use with minimal fatigue and with the tightening at the hilt you can achieve a firm purchase of the grip with maximum control when pulling the blade through your cut.

The Backwoods Skinner was designed for everything from large game hunting down to wilderness survival small game hunting/trapping and light bushcrafting in mind. Enjoy and happy hunting."

Download an Instructional PDF on how to use the knife Here

Write up done by Joshua Swanagon

Short bio on Joshua Swanagon here

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BLACK Right-Handed Sheaths Available to Order 

Brown sheaths or Left-Handed 3-4 Weeks Processing. 

Leather sheath option, Firestarter rods Included!



New Leather Bushcraft sheath with D-ring & snap over strap. American Steerhide, vegetable tanned.

Includes the TOPS 3-rod firestarter & Survival whistle

Also available:

Left handed black sheath

Brown Steerhide 

Fits the following models:
Brother's of Bushcraft (BROS-01)
Dragonfly 4.5 (DFLY-4.5)
Hunter of Gunmen 4.5 (HOG-4.5)
Mohawk Hunter (MKH01)
Shango-XL (SHGO-XL)
Spirit Hunter (SHR-01)

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Designed by:

L.V.I. Bushcraft & Survival Inc.

Nicholas Fury III

This knife is the product of more than 30 years of experience in the outdoors. Wilderness Bushcraft & Survival has been not just a hobby, but also a way of life. The design is of the Nepalese Khukuri style, which is well known to all who view the shape of the blade.

My travels have taken me to some of the furthest reaches of the world, some so remote that there would be little chance of seeing another human being, and sometimes, alone. It is these conditions this knife was designed for. The first words that came to mind when I designed this Khukuri were strength, reliability, resilience, and adaptability.

This is not just another Khukuri design. You will notice that there is a deeper sweeping belly to this blade than a normal Khukuri. This allows you to use a shorter blade and still have tremendous chopping power. The belly also helps facilitate it’s use to skin animals, whether choking up on the blade with your hand up on the spine, or using a push or draw motion to cape.

The curved nature of this Khukuri design is a natural for slicing, using the blade as a draw knife in push, or pull direction, creating feather sticks with the inner curve of the blade, processing firewood - whether by chopping, or batoning, smashing nuts with the pommel, scraping bark with the back of the knife, etc.

The handle has been designed to be used under harsh conditions, and not injure the hands from repeated use over extended periods of time. There is a bow drill divot on each side of the handle to facilitate this action should you need to make fire by friction in this manner, and a lanyard hole at the end of the pommel. Function, and ergonomics were the key elements here.

"The Khukuri has a long history of being a tool, weapon, and a status symbol."

The Bushcrafter Kukuri is first and foremost a tool, designed to embrace all those characteristics, which make up a knife that is useful for both Bushcraft, and Survival. It has enough size and strength to accomplish any mission in a Survival situation, yet is light enough, short enough, and nimble enough to use for Bushcrafting chores.

As a weapon, the soldier can count on the Bushcrafter Kukuri to perform flawlessly. The Nepalese Khukuri is well known for its ability to kill or sever with a single blow. The Bushcrafter Kukuri is no different. The awesome strength, cutting and stabbing power of the Khukuri is legendary.

In Nepal when a boy becomes a man, he is presented with a Khukuri, representing his new status in life. It is a symbol of honor, dedication, and strength, among others. The Bushcrafter Kukuri carries on this tradition, and it is an honor, and a privilege to share this knife with all those who value the Khukuri design, and wish to share in its rich legacy.

Written by Nicholas Fury, L.V.I. Bushcraft & Survival

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SWAT SPIKE Tanto Point Paracord SWAT SPIKE Tanto Point Paracord

For Those Who Don't Back Down...


SWAT Spike Tanto Point Paracord

Officer Allen Garcia has been a police officer in Middletown, RI since 1988. Prior to that, he served as a sergeant in the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division. He has been assigned to both department and regionalized SWAT teams since 1991 and a member of NTOA (National Tactical Officers Assoc.) and IALEFI.

Portions of his testing and review included:

The knife comes in a variety of configurations, all models have roughly 5 inches of cutting surface, either Micarta or wrapped with paracord, full tang and 3/16" thick. One thing that is easily noticed when looking at the SWAT Spike is the pommel of the knife which is fashioned into a very practical pry bar. This knife fills the role perfectly for a SWAT operator looking for a tough, sensible fixed blade that won't take up much space on his person yet proved a myriad of uses.

If your looking for extremely rugged, outstanding quality knives made in America. I would strongly recommend you take a look at TOPS Knives as I am sure you will find what you are looking for. As the TOPS motto states "SPECIAL OPS TRUST TOPS... ‘CAUSE THEY'RE HARD TO THE CORE!”

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Mini Eagle

The Mini Eagle was initially created as a second knife, (fits in the handle parasite style of the Steel Eagle 107C XX) so the user would have the capability of both a small strong knife along with a larger knife of substance for larger tasks. The combo has been in the market for about 18 months and has become very popular amongst outdoor folks.

Recently, we have had numerous requests for just the Mini Eagle as a standby itself, sturdy small blade for field use. The ¼” thick, 3.0” blade gives the user a variety of capabilities that a smaller thin blade may not necessarily have.

As written in an article by Defense World [it is a] “Power tool with options.”

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WPD (Wolfhawk Personal Defense) WPD (Wolfhawk Personal Defense)

Available NOW!


WPD (Wolfhawk Personal Defense)

“Kelly and Kami Van Orden are the owners of Battle Blades Knives, who initially designed the well known Wolfhawk Blade and mounting system. With its nearly 100% blade retention and versatile mounting system, i.e. picatinny, molle, belt and etc. capability.

The origin of their Wolfhawk PD (personal defense) was generated by the increasing violence or hostility aimed at women. Women can and do have the right to defend themselves. This unique design is made for a low profile look, easy deployment, double edge blade and a punch on the back, to enable the user a wide variety of defensive moves and increased ability to get away from the assailant.”

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Hot pink and black leather paired only as TOPS can do it!



The TOPS LIONESS is a well-designed combination of graceful and powerful good looks with practical handling comfort when performing its cutting tasks.

The contour of the cutting blade, combined with finger tread, enables both small and delicate chores to be completed with relative ease.

Sleek handle ergonomics make long activities much easier to complete.

The LIONESS is complemented with the simple beauty of a quality leather sheath that can attach to a belt, belt loop, pack, bag, purse (or almost anything) with a strap and snap closure.  

Grace...Strength...Authority...the TOPS LIONESS is more than an accessory. It’s a necessity.

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with Tan Canvas Micarta scales
Available for PRE-ORDER! Approx. 5 week wait

Please check with a dealer for faster delivery.

Designed by Andy Tran



Pre-order Now

(Approx 4-5 weeks processing)

*This model ships with Tan Canvas handles. Images of grey scales are from the Prototype or B&W product shots*

The Tahoma Field Knife is designed to provide anything the outdoor professional would need in a knife.

“My load out for my camera is sometimes 45 lbs, and that’s not including any food or equipment for my-self to keep me alive. Designing a knife that would keep my weight down to a minimum and comfortable for all day use was really the goal.” said Andy.

His background in tinkering, and fundamental knowledge of physics, and human movement was the foundation and basis of development for the Tahoma Field Knife.

The tip has a double edge, used as a backup blade in the event the main edge should become dull during an extended period of time without a means to sharpen. The notch on the spine of the blade is used for scoring materials to create a weak point to break, as well as break wire by work hardening it, and pulling pots and similar items out of a fire. The thumb ramp has a hole in it for a forward wrist lanyard popular in cutting contests as well as aid in lashing the knife to the end of a stick to make a spear. The finger choil makes bringing the hand closer to the blade possible for fine carving tasks. The choil also creates a secondary “tip” for carving or notching etc. The overall shape of the handle is made for ergonomics, and to give the user a better grasp like on a machete. Dual spindle sockets for a bow drill make it safe to use left or right hand operation. On the pommel of the knife is a pry bar, shaped and positioned so that if given a “backseat” grip on the knife during chopping, it would not cut, or wear into your hand. Every feature is integrated into the knife to work with each other, as well as be instinctual to the user so that it feels like an extension of the body.

Whether you’re in the field collecting specimens, or in the field defending freedom, the Tahoma Field Knife is a reliable companion in an uncertain world.

For a short bio on Andy Tran click HERE

For a great article on the Tahoma Field knife click HERE

Where does the name black river wash come from?: According to wiki...
The Black River is a 125 mile long (201 km) ‘Black-water River’ that empties into the Eastern end of Lake Ontario. The river’s source is various locations in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The origin of the name is not clear, but it may stem from the natural Tannic Acid that darkens the water in various places.

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