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Terrill Hoffman is an International Hunter, Photographer, outdoor writer and Founder of "PWYP" Practice What You Preach, the Outdoor Survival Outings.

Terrill has been a good friend to TOPS for some 12 years, always with a good word or deed and inevitably with great photographs. For a number of years TOPS has been fortunate enough to work with Terrill on his now famous Hoffman Harpoon in an assortment of practical sizes. In June of this year, at the Blade Show, we unveiled his latest hard use, good looking project called "THE HOFFMAN HIGH DESERT HARPOON XL". The size and specs are virtually the same, however, the newest innovation has affixed to the Harpoon a beautiful set of Micarta handles with easy access brass screws which make the handles removable. Although it is very pleasing to the eye, the strong sharp features stand out. Numerous tests have shown that this is truly a workhorse of a tool. It is coated with a very durable powder coat, the color being Coyote Tan, over a 1095 High Carbon Steel tool. Whether you are into short treks, long trips, or any other outdoor activity, this could be the perfect highly dependable companion and operates equally well with or without gloves on.

Dateline: Survival author Dan Shectman Tactical Knives Magazine.

"The New 'TOPS/Hoffman harpoon 'offers a unique multi purpose survival tool much like those carried by the stone age hunters."

"The Hoffman harpoon is a useful piece of survival cutlery, worn in its neck sheath, it is always with you. Crafted from quality steel and comfortable to use, it fills the niche the small knife occupies in the woodsman's kit. The Hoffman harpoon is reminiscent of that earlier time when every tool had to be a multi tool"

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When Its Time To Even Out The Odds... Airborne


Air Wolfe

You don't have to be the “TOP Gun” to know that the air crews work hard to complete their missions. Every person on the air crew has great responsibility and is as important as a spoke on the wheel. Having the right tool at their side or in their bag is an important part of their personal responsibility. The Air Wolfe fits the bill perfectly for years. It is a personal carry choice, in case of work or an emergency, on the ground or in the air. Cutting straps, rope or even building an emergency shelter it is a perfect tool.

Have it with you just in case you’re having a “down” day.

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F.A.X. FAST AXE 2***


For many years our good friend, Allen “The Axe man” Jensen, has designed and developed tools for his outdoor ventures. He is a Scout leader, knife and axe designer, and has spent a great deal of time in the outdoors working with members of the BLM, Forest Service, and Hot Shot crews (highly trained wild land firefighters). With his practical engineering background (AKA MacGyver), he uses the information he gathers, digests and analyzes it, to perfect his field tools.

His creation known as the F.A.X. or FAST AXE is a lightweight alternative for campers, hikers, or trekkers. The FAST AXE’s head, with its wide cutting edge made of 1095 High Carbon alloy, takes a good deep bite when taking down light wood, taking an animal apart, making tent poles, firewood, or doing a host of other camp chores.

It has a Chrome-Molly alloy (4130) tubular handle and the head is pressed and pinned deeply into this handle. The combination exhibits strength and ductility.

An 8” long EEZER foam grip ensures a solid nonslip grip for the most rugged situations. This is manufactured through a patented proprietary process and is unmatched in quality and durability.

A Kydex “snap on cover” protects the edge of the blade and has a steel spring clip for easy belt attachment.


***Allen Jensen is also known for creating the ‘FIREMAN’S BACKUP’ which was featured on the cover of Blade Magazine SEPT 2007, and for designing a multitude of other great tools.

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The Original TOPS Machete, now available in a smaller size.





For hundreds of years in various tropical countries, in some distinctive style, the Machete has long been a knife of choice for the "Outdoor Working People." The Machete is used to cut through rain forest and undergrowth, harvest crops, and for many household chores...It is also a popular weapon of choice is rural uprisings.

At TOPS, we have had numerous requests from clientele to produce a light, fast, practical and general use blade in conjunction with an enlarged comfortable working handle...A Machete...made entirely in the USA.

Our good friend and well-known designer, outdoorsman and writer, Joe "Shangoman" Flowers, collaborated with TOPS shop manager, Leo "The Lion" Espinoza on the design for a new machete. After much deliberation, they finally came to a positive agreement with the design and practical field ability. The MACHETE .230 was born, and now by very popular request, a smaller version to use with virtually the same capabilities the same handle and a 10”inch blade, the Machete .170.

Vigorous testing in a wide variety of terrains has proved the Machete's superior field performance.

To complement the unique point on the blade and handle design, we custom built a ballistic nylon sheath with 1 separate (flap and buckle closure) accessory pocket. This pocket can hold an array of small tools--sharpener, compass, etc.--easily accessible.

Whether you are a SURVIVOR, CAMPER, KAYAKER, EXPLORER, or just a "JUNGLE KIND OF GUY,” the MACHETE .170 will be a powerful and useful companion.

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The TOPS C.U.B Knife is HERE!

Leather Sheath option now available ONLY $29.00! 




C.U.B. (Compact Utility Blade) was designed to be a compact, lightweight sidekick to a machete/bolo/parang in the jungle or a tomahawk/axe in North America, capable of performing all the important utility duties of camp craft and food preparation, while leaving the heavy work for the chopping tools. With an emphasis on compact, keeping the total blade length under 4” makes it legal to enter most countries internationally without attracting too much attention. I designed the C.U.B. with two of my favorite styles of knives in mind, a Finish Puukko (with a Scandinavian grind) and Kephart style knife. Put them in a blender and you have the TOPS C.U.B.-rugged simplicity!

-Reuben Bolieu

Outstanding characteristics:

-Natural tan micarta scales with divot for bow drill

-A TOPS modified Scandinavian grind for exceptional wood carving ability

-Thin 1/8” stock for optimal slicing and weight reduction

-Chicago screws for easy field removal (for cord wrapping or pounding on the butt without damaging the scales) with a flat head screwdriver or small washer

-Wide blade gives more surface area to pound on, allowing the blade to sink in deeper while cross-grain battoning into green wood

-Thumb notch cut into the scales for a secure, comfortable chest lever grip. Sheath is the simple Nylon

This particular knife was designed by and used by Reuben Bolieu. For more than a decade, we have watched Reuben as he has criss-crossed the world, going to wild and wonderful places. We are very proud to see a good friend starting to get the recognition he certainly deserves, his stories and photos are super.....Keep On Travelin'....Reuben!

Reuben Bolieu Bio: Writer, photographer, adventurer, martial arts trainer (Muay Thai), and instructor for Randall’s Adventure & Training Survival School, Reuben has spent 30 years hiking and backpacking through the wildernesses of California, Nevada, and Arizona: often with an air of extreme discipline towards his super Ultra light gear. He has traveled abroad in extreme environments, from the cold climate of Alaska and New Zealand to the desert heat of Egypt. He continues studying primitive techniques in survival and the construction and uses of knives and edged tools from places such as the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and numerous countries in Asia. Reuben has published many articles on knife use, Bushcraft, shelters, and remains a lifetime student of survival.

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New Leather Sheath Available!
Add-on for only $39.95



The Designer:

Caleb Musgrave is a wilderness skills instructor of the Mississauga Ojibway Nation in Ontario Canada. Caleb has traveled across much of Canada and the eastern United States and has received training from some of Canada’s best survival instructors, including countless Native elders. Caleb has spent three-quarters of his life enveloped in bushcraft. Caleb currently lives in his home community, the Mississaugas of Rice Lake, where he has run the wilderness school Canadian Bushcraft since 2008. His straight-shooting style of education, mixed with his wry sense of humor has made him a fan favorite amongst his students and colleagues.

The Dragonfly 4.5 Knife:

In Canada, carrying a combination of axe, saw, and knife is far more common than carrying just one large blade. This frees the knife to be much smaller and far more nimble since the large chopping and processing jobs are left to the other tools. A bushcraft knife must be light enough for fine detailed carving tasks (making netting needles, friction fire kits, and the like), while being functional enough to be able to skin and process both small and large game animals, from mouse to moose so to speak. However that nimbleness must be matched against unfailing strength. Fall through the ice of a frozen lake with no one around? The knife must be strong enough to be an anchor for you while you save yourself.

With all of these requirements, it's great to know that the Dragonfly 4.5 Knife fits the bill! Caleb spent the last seven years slowly breaking (literally) down every knife he owned and deciding what he did and did not like. The Dragonfly 4.5 Knife is an amalgamation of everything that has passed Mr. Musgrave's scrutiny. Though the blade may bear some resemblance to other bushcraft knives (he wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel) it is the numerous, subtle, tactile differences that in concert set this blade apart.

With a 4 1/2” long 1/8” thick bead-blasted blade, the knife is definitely not too long, nor weak. In fact, with an overall length of 9 3/4”, this knife is sleek and sturdy. With no epoxy coating on the blade, the 1095 high carbon steel is fully exposed to allow the woods wanderer the ability to strike a spark effortlessly- whether with a ferro-rod, or a shard of flint. With its contoured handle made of black canvas micarta and white liners, the Dragonfly 4.5 matches comfort and utility with beauty and art. The handle is very slim (3/4” at the palm swell), but fits perfectly in a big meaty hand or in the mitt of a youth first learning woodskills. These little points of detail, borne of experience and calloused hands, qualify the Dragonfly 4.5 as the long-awaited Official Canadian Bushcraft Knife. Carried in its rugged TOPS’-quality Ballistic Nylon sheath, the Dragonfly 4.5 Knife is a great bushcraft companion and will be by your side even after years of use and abuse, that is, until it is passed down as an heirloom to the next generation of buscrafters.

Check out a review in: Arizona Bushman

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HKT ( Hunter Killer Tracker )



C Despins and TOPS Knives are proud to introduce the Official Knife of Mobius Training Solutions.

In early 2011, during an unseasonably cold week in Lamesa Texas, a group of men gathered for a week long course in the method of Combat/Tactical Man Tracking led by Clent Schoonover, Director of the MTS Advanced Tactics Division.

Clent Schoonover is a former CIA Officer/GRS Agent and DHS FLETC Lead Instructor. However, during the course of training, Despins learned that Clent was highly proficient at the craft of hand-to-hand combat and is an edged weapons enthusiast.

Long sessions of training each day flowed into intense discussions each evening and the discussions turned form talk of theory into hard contact hand-to-hand combat sessions. Despins was impressed and gifted Schoonover with one of his Back Bite knives. Clent became so fond of the Back Bite, that he became a great promoter of it to the Law Enforcement and Military persons that he trains.

Despins drafted an article in regards to his experience in Combat Tactical Man Tracking with Mobius Training Solutions that would later be published in the July 2012 Issue of SWAT Magazine.

Also his experience with Clent’s distinctly Southeast Asian style, edged weapons method, inspired Despins to explore designing a knife that would both facilitate the method, and be suitable for the purpose of field craft. When Despins introduced Schoonover to the design, he was instantly sold. Clent offered to make it the official knife of Mobius Training Solutions and to lend his company logo to it.


HKT is an acronym for Hunter Killer Tracker. The acronym is borrowed, with all due respect, from the Military acronym for Hunter Killer Teams. Mobius Training Solutions has trained Military and Law Enforcement personnel in tactical application of many kinds, from basic to advanced handgun and carbine and more, but the real specialty of Mobius Training Solutions is training Hunter Killer Trackers.

The HKT design incorporates a broad cutting surface and an offset grip angle in order to better facilitate the forward thrust style of attack, in addition to slashing. The wide bodied blade of the HKT is complimented by the signature concave strike face of the Back Bite fighting knife to facilitate supreme combative application.

The HKT is as recognizable as the design craft of C Despins as are the hackles on a Rhodesian Ridgeback!

Get yours TODAY!

HKT by TOPS Knives USA

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In the motorsports world a “pit stop” is where a racing vehicles stop in the pits during a race for refueling, repairs adjustment and nowadays it is considered a break, some quiet time or just getting out in the wilds for the weekend.

Tops’ pit stop 3’ was designed as a multi use little tool. A trusty blade, married to a comfortable handle with a cleverly designed built in bottle opener. Your “pit stop” maybe a weekend of hunting, fishing, backpacking, or just getting out.

It is easily carried as a neck knife or clips on to your belt or pack. Whether you use it as a bird and trout knife, or for small game this is quite a handy little extra and makes a perfect gift for just about any guy or gal.

The “pit stop 3” is a sturdy little companion, with lots of backbone!

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