Multi-Fuel Folding Stove

A sturdy stove for those who are prepared for anything.

Availability: Honorably Discharged


The TOPS Multi-Fuel Stove comes with five main pieces to assemble: two sides, the front, the back, and the fuel plate. The fuel plate can be inserted near the bottom of the stove to load small pieces of wood, in the center for Alcohol or Sterno, or the top for fuel tablets. Top it off with 3 included skewers that can also be placed on multiple levels, and you have a multitude of options with this stove.

The opening at the top is approximately 3 and 7/8” by 3 and 7/8”. There are ventilation holes throughout to keep your fire healthy, and there are also slots in the back and front to add more fuel without having to take your pot or the skewers off the top.

The stove comes with a nylon pouch and one cedar/paraffin disc for fuel. The disc will burn for approximately 20 minutes. Whether you’re cooking food in a can, brewing tea or coffee, using small pots or pans, or even a burger for 1, this is a lightweight, easily carried item to help you get it done.

With a weight of only 1 pound 3.2 ounces (including the nylon pouch) it’s the perfect addition to almost any bug-out-bag, emergency car kit, hiker bag, camp pack, etc. Set up and collapse is a breeze.

In any situation, it pays to be prepared.


1. Start with the back panel
2. Add side panel
3. Add opposite side panel
4. Add center panel
5. Slide in front panel
6. Push Down at the bottom and flex to get the panel to seat.
7. Add skewers as needed
8. Completed stove

Width 3.880"
Weight 1lb 3.2oz
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