Survival Neck Wallet

There are a lot of items packed into this lightweight survival neck wallet.

Availability: Honorably Discharged


The “SNW” is a convenient collection of the most needed survival tools packaged in a high quality Ballistic Nylon neck pouch. If you’re heading off to Granny’s for the weekend or to the mountains of Afghanistan, carry the tools you need to make it back alive. There is a see through ID window, two interior pouches, one zippered money/credit card pouch and rear pouch with a 3M highly reflective backing.

Packaged with each wallet you will find the following survival items:
1. Survival Whistle independently tested at 126 decibels.
2. TOPS Pocket Survival Saw.
3. Compass.
4. The TOPS ferro rod fire starter.
5. Traditional P38 military can opener/Firestarter striker.
6. Offset Phillips/flat head Screwdriver.
7. Signal Mirror.
8. LED Flashlight.
9. Lansky Quick Fix Sharpener.
10. 24' fishing line & 2 fish hooks
11. Snap Link 3/16" x 2.0"
12. Ranger Rubber Band
13. Razor Blade
14. Heavy Duty Sail Needle
15. Fresnel Lens 3X magnifier
16. Snare Wire & Instructions
17. 2 Safety Pins

The Team at TOPS Knives, along with the crew attending the “PWYP” Survival Outing compiled the above essentials. Then they designed the Survival Neck Wallet with enough space to allow you to add additional items to customize the kit for your needs. If you have a traveler, hiker, biker, SAR, Soldier or Lawman on your Christmas list, this may be the most sensible and usable Christmas gift you can think of, and will be downright useful for years to come.

Article in Tactical Knives Magazine

Overall Length 6.50"
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