Yacare 10.0

Looking for a medium-heavy Machete?

This Central and South American inspired design is exactly what you're looking for

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Jungle experiences have proven to be very inspirational with TOPS designs. The Brakimo and Tanimboca Puukko are two examples of knives born through jungle experience. The Yacare is the next one in the series.

It was designed by TOPS’ GM Craig Powell. He first saw machetes of a similar style in Costa Rica on the hips of local folks and in decorative pieces. They were similar to barong-styled machetes but with their own flair. What he liked about the style is that they weren't quite like the typical Central American machete that comes to mind. Then, after he attended the Bushcraft Global trip in 2015, it solidified that he wanted to design a machete. “I’m definitely not a knife designer. So getting help from Leo to make this a reality and a design that would fit with the TOPS line was imperative,” – Craig Powell.

The Yacare is made of 3/16” 1095 with TOPS’ new Tungsten Cerakote finish. It has thick, well-contoured black canvas Micarta handles. The design is made to function well as a medium to heavy machete, and with its all-belly blade, it bites deep into vines, thicket, and wood. The wide blade, high grind, and weight balance together to create a machete that you’ll want to use on your next camping trip or even the next time you head to Colombia for Joe Flowers’ Bushcraft Global Adventure.

Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 15.50"
Blade Length 10.25"
Cutting Edge 9.88"
Blade Thickness 0.190"
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Tungsten Cerakote
Handle Material Black Canvas Micarta
Knife Weight 17.7oz
Weight w/ Sheath 25.4oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Ballistic Nylon
Sheath Clip Belt Loop
Designer Craig Powell
Customer Reviews (3)
Love it.
This thing works really well. I thought it was cool cause it felt somewhere between a machete and a big knife. It feels very comfortable to use. The blade feels like it has enough weight that it has some oomph but not so much that you feel like you're lugging a big heavy chopper. It's swift with power. If you're wanting to use this thing anywhere in the United States, it works pretty great for chopping on small trees and plant life. I used it to clear out a walk way.

Then! The accident happened. Oh no! Yeah. I had a broken small tree that wouldn't finish breaking cause it was too fresh. So I folded it over and took the machete to it. As it turns out there was a rock under it. I tricked off my blade pretty bad. There was an obvious slight chunk about an inch long taken out. I took a cheap sharpener to it. (Not recommended, buy quality).

It fixed it! In like 45 seconds. That soft 1095 steel is so nice. But lets be honest you know that already, that's why you're looking at TOPS.
Review by Alex (Posted on 8/29/2021)
The One and Only
This is that one knife that can do it all in a modern private home/farm. Even for a smaller stature individual it isn't so large/heavy on the hip that it can't be worn or used regularly.

From wood, to the kitchen, to self defense, it does it all.

The regular handle is beautifully crafted, while the Rocky Mountain Tread is smaller, and personally better for my hand size should I be swinging it full sail.

The appeal of its design grew on me, as a larger blade does make sense. If you could own just one knife, this one is pretty darn comfortable, hits hard, and is the one.
Review by John (Posted on 4/20/2020)
Beastly Blade
Got this Yacare for trail maintenance and survival on the wet side of Washington for my parents. Excellent balance, really aggressive clearing tool for branches and small diameter trees. TOPS, this purchase was for my family and I only trust the best tools for them because I want there to be no risk of failure when they need it most. I am happy to say you guys didn’t disappoint. I am very impressed with the quality of this blade and especially the sheath, which is usually the weak point in the blade industry. You have earned another lifetime customer . Review by Ian (Posted on 11/27/2017)
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