• Why do you call them "Tactical" Knives?

    One of the first definitions that you will find if you search for the word Tactical will read as follows; “Relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end”.  The word “planned” should really stand out from this definition.  Almost everyone who reads this can agree...

  • What is the Best Knife for Me

    Seems like a simple question right? In some instances, it can be, but this is also a question that can take people down a rabbit hole from which there is almost no escape. There are hundreds of knife companies and/or knife makers in the world today all attempting to make...

  • How BIG is TOPS?

    Whether you are just discovering TOPS or you own several and have known about us for years, odds are that as you browse through our website or catalog, see us on social media, or see us at a trade show, you have made an assumption about how big our company is. What do you mean by “big”? Are you referring to the number of people TOPS employs, the number of knives we make, the physical size of our facilities, how well known we are in the industry or even some other measure?

  • Why Debut Everything at SHOT Show

    Every year, SHOT Show takes place in January. 2018’s show was the 40th anniversary, with over 2000 total exhibitors (when you include those from the Supplier Showcase), and approximately 64,500 attendees. Many of those exhibitors use SHOT (which stands for Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show – so not just...

  • 1095 - TOPS’ Mainstay for a Reason

    Perhaps the most common question we receive from people is “Why 1095?” or some variation of that question. There are many, many ways to go about answering this question, but we’re going to focus on just a few reasons: namely, TOPS’ general philosophy (what we’re trying to accomplish), the pros (and cons) of 1095, and our heat treatment for 1095.

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