Camp Creek

Our First Production Model in S35VN

One of the best hunting knives ever to grace our lineup

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Every year, TOPS’ President Leo Espinoza makes himself a knife for hunting season. This tradition is something that helps him maintain his creativity by making something that is specifically for him, not for the general public. Sometimes, however, that knife ends up being a TOPS model. Knives like the Viper Scout, White Fang, and Tex Creek are examples of Leo’s personal hunting knives that became TOPS models.

The Camp Creek is the newest to follow that pattern. The goal with this model was to make a super high-quality hunting/camp knife using materials that are uncommon for TOPS. We chose 1/8” CPM S35VN steel for its superior edge retention and stainless properties. The handles are a 3 color Camo-style G10 that looks amazing with our finishing. It also comes in a stylish tan Kydex sheath with a brown leather dangler.

It’s a Nessmuk-like design that functions superbly for hunting and skinning animals but will also be especially handy around any campsite for processing wood and/or food prep. Of course, it will have the superior fit and finish expected of TOPS as well. All of the features of the Camp Creek combine to form one of the best hunting knives ever to grace TOPS’ lineup.

Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 9.00"
Blade Length 4.38"
Cutting Edge 4.25"
Blade Thickness 0.130"
Blade Steel CPM S35Vn RC 58-60
Blade Finish Tumble Finish
Handle Material Camo G10
Knife Weight 6.2oz
Weight w/ Sheath 10.3oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Coyote Tan Kydex
Sheath Clip Dangler
Designer Leo Espinoza
Customer Reviews (3)
Camp Creek Love
This is my first TOPS knife. I've had a couple of TOPS/Buck collabs in the past (CSAR) and have always intended to look more closely at TOPS but never got around to it. However when I saw the Camp Creek in S35VN I had to pick one up. I've got several knives with a similar profile and I really like the big belly and narrow neck that these designs offer. For game processing, kitchen prep, and general camp duty their versatility is hard to beat.

The Camp Creek has great ergos, fit and finish are stellar, and the edge I'm getting on this S35VN is just amazing. What a slicer! The only change I'd like to see is an optional kydex sheath with the standard TOPS rotating clip. Sometimes a dangler isn't the best choice, and the clip mount is a little more versatile.

Overall though, great job on this knife TOPS! Now if you can just put out a Fieldcraft 3.5 in S35VN I'll be ready to buy my second TOPS knife.
Review by olywa (Posted on 6/21/2019)
Nice knife weird dangler
I really like the knife, but it does take a bit to get used to the feel of the ergonomics due to the thin neck. Irs comfortable and great steel.
The only thing im not a fan of is the d ring of the sheath. Its not balanced at all. If you hold it by the leather loop the knife hangs almost horizontally instead of down. I wouldve rather had a pocket clip on the nice kydex. Its only screwed on so i may have to explore an upgrade to a clip
Review by Keith (Posted on 3/21/2019)
Unbelievable quality with great ergonomics!
I've been a big fan of TOPS knives since my wife and I each got a B.O.B field knife 2 years ago. I love the way TOPS blades are unique among a crowded market.

I watched a review of the newer Camp Creek on GT youtube channel recently and was amazed that they were using S35VN. I love this steel in my folding knives and have been looking for a lighter camp knife in stainless. I had a 10% coupon for SMKW and couldn't pass up the deal.

I just got the knife today and I'm blown away by the ergonomics (I have XL-XXL sized hands ), F&F, and high quality materials of the entire knife/sheath combo. And this knife is beautiful with the heavy stonewashed blade and "earth" camo contoured handle!

Looking forward to taking this blade camping on the John Muir trail next year with my daughter. Good job TOPS!
Review by James (Posted on 1/27/2019)
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