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The Dicer series is sure to replace all your old kitchen knives.
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Now a tradition at TOPS Knives, an employee design contest takes place each year. TOPS asks its employees to design a knife for specific use with some required specs. In 2016, it was a hatchet. In 2017, it was a chef’s knife. And that is how the Dicers were born. Jesus Arellano has been the graphics manager at TOPS since 2013. Nearly all of the photographs on the TOPS website, social media accounts, and advertisements are either taken by Jesus or edited by him. Out of over 20 submissions, his design for a chef’s knife was selected as the one we liked the best.

So the Dicer 8 chef’s knife was the first in the series to be designed. The blade is roughly 7.75” in overall cutting edge with a little more belly than a standard chef’s knife and is made using CPM S35VN steel. The premium steel will hold its edge better than most kitchen knives and take a very keen edge. The handles were made to be comfortable with a lot of contouring, especially where the thumb and index finger would grip for a pinch grip. This makes using the knife for long periods, preparing large meals for family and friends, for example, a breeze. It also comes with a Kydex blade cover so that the knife can be stored in a drawer or easily taken to the campsite for preparing food outdoors. If you already love TOPS’ quality, fit, and finish for your other knives, the Dicer kitchen knives will be a no-brainer.

Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 12.25"
Blade Length 7.75"
Cutting Edge 7.75"
Blade Thickness 0.090"
Blade Steel CPM S35Vn RC 58-60
Blade Finish Tumble Finish
Handle Material Black Canvas Micarta/Blue-Black G10
Knife Weight 9.1oz
Weight w/ Sheath 11.0oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Designer Jesus Arellano
Customer Reviews (3)
Absolute Banger!
Kitchen knife of my dreams! Nice lump of S35VN with some lovely Micarta to whack in your meat-paws.

Factory edge profile is garbage, but sharp. Nothing an hour on the stones can’t rectify. Managed to nicely steepen and introduce more of a convex geometry to mine in a very short time. Probably just a personal preference, but I didn’t like the obtuse angle I had to hold it in order to achieve a straight cut through an onion. Anyway, now it’s a straight cutter.

This knife is an 11/10 worth every penny!
Review by Dan (Posted on 2/29/2024)
Bad coating.
Disappointed how sensitive to wetness the coating is. Left outside on a cold and humid camp trip and it developed rust spots. Tried to rub them off but to no avail. Disappointed that they are charging me money to have it repaired. Considering this is marketed as an outdoors kitchen knife this was a huge let down. Review by Allen (Posted on 2/12/2022)
Good knife bad sheath
Knife looks and works great. Super sharp, great feel in the hand, I have large hands. The wide belly helped with meat fabrication, really great knife. It even cut bread without smushing it! What I don’t get is how you make a great Kydex sheath with small eyeholes. You can’t use a standard teklok, the receiver part for the screws will not fit in the holes. I even tried other belt attachments and still no dice. I am an Executive Chef and I need a chef’s knife that I can put on my belt. Saw this knife and thought it’d work, but sadly it didn’t. Super disappointing. Maybe on the next run of production they might make the holes just a bit bigger. Review by William (Posted on 7/7/2019)
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