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Vigorous testing in a wide variety of terrains has proved the TOPS Machete's superior field performance
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For hundreds of years in various tropical countries, in some distinctive style, the Machete has been a knife of choice for the "Outdoor Working People." Machetes are used to cut through rain forest and undergrowth, harvest crops, and for many household chores.

We received numerous requests from clientele to produce a light, fast, practical machete, made entirely in the USA. Our good friend and well-known designer, outdoorsman, and writer Joe "Shangoman" Flowers, collaborated with TOPS shop manager Leo "The Lion" Espinoza on this design. After much deliberation, they finally came to a positive agreement with the design and practical field ability.

The Machete .230 was born. Vigorous testing in a wide variety of terrains has proved the Machete's superior field performance. To complement the unique point on the blade and handle design, we custom built a ballistic nylon sheath. It has two small pockets on the front that can hold an array of small tools - sharpener, compass, etc. Whether you are a survivor, camper, kayaker, explorer, or just a jungle kind of guy, the Machete .230 is a powerful and useful companion.

Knife Type Fixed Blade, Machete
Overall Length 22.50"
Blade Length 15.75"
Blade Thickness 0.130"
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Tactical Gray
Handle Material Black Linen Micarta
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Ballistic Nylon
Sheath Clip Molle Backing
Designer Joe Flowers
Customer Reviews (3)
Extremely reliable, all round tool.
This machete has performed numerous tasks perfectly while camping, hiking and on the farm. The blade once bent badly in a hardwood log while splitting firewood, bashed it through with another log & it popped out the other end perfectly straight. Fine cutting or hacking & slashing, it's never disappointed. She normally sits by my side at night as a fire poker. ❤ my TOPS machete. Worth every cent. Review by Craig (Posted on 11/20/2020)
Good steel but leaves wanting.
Over all so far not impressed. I tested it out of the box & after sharpening. Performed about the same both times.
Problems it had in the field were clearing brush and chopping small tree's.
With small tree's it would not cut clean thru which I believe this to be due to the grind.
With brush and weeds it would cut thru some then more of just break the rest as they were still intact.
Now the final problem I had was the handle. The upper finger grove was nice. However choking down to use it with full swing has one big issue with me atleast. The handle was to small and did not feel comfortable in hand.
Review by Killua (Posted on 6/11/2018)
Great machete
This machete is great, but I would love see if you can come up with something more tactical. For example if you can make the blade longer (about 20 inches), and a spear point like the wild pig hunter knive, this will transform this amassing machete into a survival and combat machete. I think this will be a top saler .
Best regards, and thanks for your amassing products.
Review by Lester (Posted on 4/6/2017)
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