Prather War Bowie

Relying on yourself is all part of the adventure

The War Bowie's classic sweep and forward balance point naturally facilitate cutting and chopping.

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The Prather War Bowie's blade is a massive 7 inches long and a nearly unbreakable 1/4 inch thick. The blade is purposely wider than others to create a more devastating wound channel. The overall length is 12 5/8 inches, allowing a generous grip that accommodates large or gloved hands. And whether the operator's hands are bloody or frozen, Top's Knives's famous Rocky Mountain Tread handle scales offer the ideal combat hold.

The War Bowie's classic sweep and forward balance point naturally facilitate cutting and chopping. The unique dropped blade forms an integral safety guard that makes it impossible for the operator's fingers to accidentally slide forward and be cut while stabbing with forward or reverse grips.

Thumb grooves on the spine add extra control for fine cuts. A sharpening groove at the base of the edge eases sharpening in the field. The Prather War Bowie's false edge delivers superior penetration when thrusting. The War Bowie comes with a black nylon tactical sheath, that has a front pocket and MOLLE webbing on the back.

The War Bowie was designed by former 7th Special Forces, DEA Special Agent, DIA Intelligence Officer, and Bujinkan martial arts master Jeff Prather. Jeff also founded Warriorschool, a tactical training academy that specializes in preparing discreet government agencies and specialized military units for hostile overseas environments.

The War Bowie is Jeff's ideal blade design based on his twenty five years of real world experience both here and abroad. The Prather War Bowie - by warriors... for warriors!


Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 12.63"
Blade Length 7.25"
Blade Thickness 0.250"
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Black Traction Coating
Handle Material Black Linen Micarta
Handle Style Rocky Mountain Tread
Knife Weight 14.4 oz
Weight w/ Sheath 19.2
Sheath Weight 4.8
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Ballistic Nylon
Sheath Clip Molle Backing
Designer Jeff Prather
Customer Reviews (3)
I don’t know what else I say about this knife that the other reviewers haven’t said, they are right about it all! This is one of my favorite knives and I love it. Designed by someone who has “been there done that” and brought to life with the toughness only TOPS can provide. If you get the chance to get this one do it with complete confidence that it will serve you well for the rest of your life. Review by Richard (Posted on 1/1/2023)
Perfectly balanced, as everything should be
After using my Operator 7 for nearly a year, I decided to stow it away for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. That beast can cut, chop and pierce like no one's business and I wanted a slightly lighter blade for my ventures into the jungles. The Prather War Bowie was my first choice (followed by longhorn) and i decided to track the PWB down first.

With the pandemic and the insane demand for TOPS products, it was almost impossible to find this knife, but Blades Canada were my saviours and I finally got my "main-blade-till-apocalypse".

I see that the other review here describes this knife perfectly with very few words. I will just add my 200 cents in this review.

The coffin shaped handle tapers towards the integrated guard and if you have hands like the Undertaker or Big Show (XXL / XXXXXL), holding the knife closer to the guard while you try to outwrestle and stab a bear might not give you the best of grips. If you are using it to chop wood, I'd suggest moving closer to the pommel. That's actually the preferred grip suggested even for combat by the designer, Jeff Prather. He only demonstrates on humans though, so good luck figuring out how to stab the bear.

Needless to say, get a good lanyard. Rocky mountain tread is very grippy, but i wouldn't want you to go through the pain of searching for a black blade with black handle in dim light conditions. The linen micarta offers great grip and i have processed wood in rainy and humid conditions without losing grip.

The business end of this knife is so badass that the open jaws of onlookers puts the O in this bowie. A simplistic yet devastating design from Mr. Prather. Minimal jimping and a swedge longer than 1001 arabian tales. Chops and batons very well and the blade geometry ensures a good bite into timber with every hit. The tip is insanely sharp and the heat treated steel is what you'd expect from TOPS - 110% reliable. Balance point is on the guard, easy to switch grips and further scare the already terrified onlookers.

Overall, this knife has served me well in the sub-zero conditions of the Himalayas as well as the hot tropical jungles of south India. I've used for processing firewood, making walking sticks and most importantly to scare noob hikers to keep their distance from me as i chase elusive raptors and snakes.

I'd prefer kydex and after a year of usage of the basic nylon sheath, i have ordered a kydex sheath. This knife deserves a good kydex sheath and that would be my only suggestion to TOPS to improve this. And maybe an acid wash finish in the future?

A great knife that balances beauty and terror perfectly. Another must buy from TOPS. 5 stars, hands down.
Review by Rare Akuma (Posted on 4/10/2022)
Best Fixed Blade Knife I Own.
Everything it claimed and more. Extremely sharp right from TOPS. The balance was perfect. I have big hands and it fit well with no hot points. Safe secure grip especially once a lanyard is added. Perfect for Camping, Bushcraft and Most of all Self Defense. Review by Sean (Posted on 12/7/2019)
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