TAC-TOPS Karambit

This is not your starter karambit

The TAC-TOPS Karambit is a serious tool for the serious operator

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C Despins of the Max Venom Product Group has created yet another edged/impact weapon that is both stylish and deadly. He was approached by a member of a Highly Elite Unit who wanted a Karambit that would meet all of his requirements. His unit moves fast and packs light. They operate in all environments so he wears gloves of all kinds and wanted to be able to use the knife properly without having to remove his gloves, hence the oversized finger hole.

Its length provides a reach that is unprecedented by other Karambits but still allows for close quarters fighting. There is a devastating skull crushing pommel on the end of the finger hole. The strike face on the spine is C Despin’s signature of sorts as it’s found on the HKT and Back Bite as well. The handle was designed to fit most hands in forward or reverse grips and with or without using the finger hole. This is a serious tool for the serious operator.

The TAC-TOPS Karambit is "NTOA Member Tested and Recommended" (National Tactical Officers Association).

C Despins custom-made versions can be purchased from Max Venom Product Group's website here .

Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 11.25"
Blade Length 7.13"
Cutting Edge 5.75"
Secondary Edge 0.81"
Blade Thickness 0.190"
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Black Traction Coating
Handle Material Black Canvas Micarta
Knife Weight 10oz
Weight w/ Sheath 14.5oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Sheath Clip Beta Loop
Designer Colin Despins
Customer Reviews (8)
Little suggestions
Great knife dont get me wrong awesome just a few suggestions for tops never had a tops knife I didnt like I'd add jimping on the ring and I'd also round out the inside of the finger ring and that's about it honestly the finger ring bites your finger while slashing Review by Matt (Posted on 4/9/2019)
nice knife
ok, so i bought this knife about a month ago. looked at it, loved it. feels good in the hand and i am fine with the weight. its more for collecting than anything else. but when it comes to sharpness, well damn. as we speak i am in the beginning of my recovery process. i went to draw this beast from its sheath and misplaced my finger. with one smooth motion i cut down into my finger and severed the tendon. i had it repaired today. doc says possible 6 week recovery time. need rehab to get my finger working again. but i love the knife. sharp as hell and i didn't even feel the cut. sure as hell saw the carnage it caused lol. no cons in my opinion. just pros. and a lot more respect for a dangerous piece of kit. Review by Zachary (Posted on 12/9/2017)
Love it, but....
First, let me say I love this knife. I love the look and the looks I get when I take it out. I will say though a smaller version (4 inches would be my choice too) would make it easier for EDC. Sometimes I leave it home to avoid the hassle of the weight and the door knocker on the ring poking me in the ribs. I think a smaller version would be great. Same exact everything, just a little smaller. Still, it's in heavy rotation for my EDC. And I love the sheath. Review by Gerald (Posted on 9/5/2016)
Looks Killer, Functions Well
Ordered this when they first became available, had serrations and the rocky mountain tread done. Knife looks fantastic done with both, definitely get the RMT when you order, its worth it as far as grip texture goes, serrations look good too. The knife will for sure handle any fight you put it in and its liable to make quite a mess as well. Grip fits the hand well and the finger ring is big enough to put a gloved index finger through no problem. All in all if you like knives and want a good (large) karambit, get it.

P.S. Resist the urge at all cost to twirl the knife by its ring, it appears that it would be a fantastic way to lodge the blade in your forearm, haven't done it but i can see where the appeal might come in... for the twirling part i mean.
Review by LJ (Posted on 8/22/2016)
Finally a TOPS karambit.....almost
Definitely too big for EDC. The blade shape looks mean and would probably look awesome in a case. I'm just not sure who this is geared towards. I've been waiting for a long time for a TOPS version of a traditional karambit. I guess the wait continues:( Review by Joseph (Posted on 6/11/2016)
Awesome knife
This is top quality love it ready to see what it can do but yes a smaller version would be cool but as a fighting knife I would trust this completely Review by Prohands (Posted on 5/25/2016)
Need a smaller version
I agree with James. There needs to be a smaller version for an EDC option. Needs to be easier to conceal. Just to have that option would be great! Keep making great knives TOPS! Cops trust TOPS! Review by Adam (Posted on 5/11/2016)
a nice blade , but too big
I love the blade seaside a lot piz a Kydex Sheath is included shoud be a unbeaterbul blade but it just realy too big. because of the size it make the blade cannot function as a KARAMBIT. I realy hope they will have a 4 inch module. Review by james (Posted on 5/1/2016)
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