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Kelly McCulley spent seven and a half years in the US Army. During his time in the service, he searched for the right knife to meet his needs as a combat tool that could do the duty of a utility knife, too. In all his time in the service, he never quite found the one that would fit what he wanted in a combat knife. Sound familiar? It’s one of the same reasons that TOPS Knives was founded and one of the reasons that TOPS produces such a variety of models. Around 2010, Kelly started designing knives that his fellow servicemen and women could rely on as they were deployed. He has been making those knives since and has some smart designs under his belt.

The Missile Strike is a great combination of combat and utility. Its narrow blade with long swedge allows for great penetrating stabs (the swedge can be sharpened upon request). The 1/4” thickness provides enough weight to add some power in stabbing, slashing, and when smashing using the pointed pommel. There is a very generous finger guard to ensure that your hand will not slip onto the blade.

Given that the knife will likely be used as a utility tool more often than not, there are features that were included to facilitate that use. The comfortable Micarta handle scales will stand up to use and provide excellent grip. There is a choil so you can choke up for finer tasks, and it’s made from 1095 steel, which holds a great edge and is easy to re-sharpen in the field (a must for those who don’t always have a proper sharpening system handy). It comes with a tan Kydex sheath that has great retention but still allows for a solid grip from the moment it’s drawn.

Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 11.34"
Blade Length 6.00"
Cutting Edge 4.75"
Blade Thickness 0.250"
Blade Shape Spear Point
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Coyote Tan Coating
Handle Material Tan Canvas Micarta
Knife Weight 11.5oz
Weight w/ Sheath 14.1oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Coyote Tan Kydex
Sheath Clip Nylon Belt
Designer Kelly McCulley
Customer Reviews (5)
Great piece of gear
I bought this one and was unsure about it until I got my hands on it. I love its slim profile, and large finger guard. It feels great in the hand and as a combat knife, I think it is one of the best out there. Long enough to do damage, short enough to be amazingly fast, and tough like the rest of TOPS knives. This is a great combination of features. Review by Richard (Posted on 1/1/2023)
Exceeded my expectations
Being larger and heavier than other fixed blade fighting knives I have from different manufacturers, I was surprised at how quick and agile this knife is. An exceptional design that is sturdy, yet also very well balanced and easy to handle. Review by DWB (Posted on 2/12/2021)
Enhanced bayonet design at a fair price
Made in USA. Belt holder isn't reversible! Belt Clip is strong. Kydex holds blade very positively, carrying tip up at no reasonable risk (jumping from additional height, crawling...), it will hold. Sheath has a hole at the tip so any fluids can drain easily. Blade ergo are excellent. Handle is surprisingly positive for feminine hands. Micarta is texturized and has subtle grooves, excellent handle friction. Choil is oversized useful++. Jimping for thumb could be even more pronounced. Black anodized fasteners on micarta handle seems of superior quality. The blade is light and balanced, this is not a kabar. It isn't a slicer either, the coating slows the cut a bit. It isn't a true combat blade either, for that you may want the additional double edge. Pommel design is surprising, never seen this before. This is a combat knife first, survival blade second. The opposite design of a kabar. If this is what you are looking for, look no further than Z-1080, I have looked hard, Russian, Italian, French designs, no one else is doing this. I hope for this blade to never be discontinued.

Wish list:
-black blade finish
-black G10 on handle
-black sheath
-reversible belt clip
-holes on both sides of the kydex sheath
-blade in D2

A good blade. If it were a dog, it would be a miniature Schnauzer, low maintenance and meant to kill vermin.
Review by 100KFT (Posted on 1/17/2021)
A welcome surprise
This was a surprise. Somehow this knife flew under my radar time and time again while looking through the catalog. One day I was looking at all the tan knives and at last it caught my attention, I am glad it did. This knife has an unusual, but solid, design with the single tang, the narrow handle and the fighting pommel. Fortunately I ordered the RMT (I think you defiantly want RMT on this one). I also ordered the Camo and the sharpened swedge which all looks very good. I was mainly thinking of this knife as being for display (although I like it so much that I do sleep with it now LOL).
I am going to order another one of these to have a matched pair whenever I get the money together. Of course I say that and I still need to order the standard finish Operator 7 so, its a collection is progress. So if you collect, this is worth adding to your collection, it is unique. If you want a great knife don't move on until you have at least seriously considered this knife.
Review by RSB (Posted on 10/20/2019)
Missiles are awesome!
I noticed this knife for its name. Why? I worked with nuclear capable missiles while in the US Army, so it was a no-brainer for me to buy one. I'm happy that I did. It has good thickness, but the length of the knife looks thin, which is deceiving. The fit and finish are of excellent quality as TOPS always does. The butt isn't sharp, but it is pointed enough for it to be a good glass breaker or to give a less than lethal thump to a bad guy. I'm torn between sharpening the swedge, but so far have let it ride as it came from the factory. I'm thinking of carrying it horizontally on my belt in the back. I think it would disappear nicely under an untucked shirt. Overall, I think you'd have to be looking for specific qualities that this knife employs before you'd get one for yourself. Review by Sean (Posted on 8/12/2019)
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