Anywhere Last Resort Tool

A small reliable, extra strong tool.

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The Anywhere Last Resort Tool. A small, reliable, extra strong tool that has been carried by guys around the world. Worn as a neck knife, on a keychain, or around your car's steering column just in case you need a quick grab. Notably damn handy to have around. Pocket Size with a Snap Link paracord necklace.

Sometimes, depending on the situation you can't reach your main blade or don't want an attacker to know that you're armed. This knife was made for exactly those situations. Turns out it's an excellent utility knife and EDC as well.

Knife Type Fixed Blade, Neck
Overall Length 3.50"
Blade Length 1.44"
Blade Thickness 0.190"
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Black Traction Coating
Handle Style Skeletonized
Knife Weight 2oz
Weight w/ Sheath 3oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Sheath Clip Neck - none
Designer TOPS Team
Customer Reviews (3)
Letter Opener
It's a great little addition to your desk drawer. The angle/width on the tip bites into the side of an envelope beautifully. It's actually pretty satisfying.

Also, it is really all you need for many knife related tasks. If you don't loose it you'll be glad its in your pocket.
Review by John (Posted on 4/23/2021)
Don't Leave Home Without It
When I leave the house, my ALRT goes with me, because it is a attached to my keychain. You might cascasll it "the manly man's" keychain knife. The problem with most small knives is they are hard to deploy and unwieldy in the hand, making then hard to use. The ALRT does not have this problem. It is a substantial blade that is very functional for most normal every day tasks, and can be taken beyond that, like a backup tactical blade (punch blade). It fits tightly into its sheath and was ultra sharp out of the packaging. Best keychain knife I've ever owned! Review by Wayne (Posted on 9/14/2016)
Crazy Sharp, Super Convenient, & Easy To Sharpen
The TOPS ALRT is simple and awesomely convenient.
I actually went out of my way to order the ALRT from because it was the only location I could find it in the brick red. Search the internet and you can find some awesome colors such as a rich Army/Olive green.

The knife is a chunk of solid Steel and feels surprisingly heavy when worn around the neck. (Don't worry, you quickly get used to the weight.) The ball chain that comes with the ALRT is larger / thicker than the chain issued by the US military with dog tags. The chain is also much longer allowing the attached LED light to almost reach your belt, but the chain can be easily cut to adjust the size. I don't like the extra clutter of the plastic whistle & LED keychain light all dangling from the chain, but I personally feel that the LED light helps to quickly pull the ALRT from the sheath. It almost extends the handle so that it better fills your hand.

I use the ALRT for all of the though & damaging jobs that you typically would not want to do with a more expensive knife. (I typically carry the SOG Arcitech which is over $400.) This is actually the reason I chose the ALRT. It is super sharp, durable, and is incredibly easy to sharpen on a sharpening stone. Just a straight push across the stone for a killer edge.

I originally purchased the SOG INSTINCT MINI, but did not like that it did not come with a small carabiner (or chain) meaning that it hung sticking straight out (as opposed to lying flat against my chest) I then tried carrying the SOG INSTICT MINI along my back. The sheath adjusts in many ways and fit very comfortably along my pant line, but putting the knife back into the sheath was not easy and took more focus that I wanted to spend each time I used my knife.

The ALRT comes with everything you need. The chain, the carabiner, the knife, an LED flashlight, & a plastic whistle. It may be too small for those with larger hands, but it is an awesome tool to have around.

To see my photos, check out my duplicate review on Amazon:
Review by Steven (Posted on 10/29/2015)
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