FDX 25 Cord and Line Cutter

A must have insurance tool

Definitely worth having in your vehicle, should a seat belt need to be cut in an emergency.

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The FDX Cord and Line Cutter is very efficient for many emergencies. For first responders, Firemen, Patrol Officers, divers, jump masters, Paratroopers, Search and Rescue, boaters, campers, climbers, and a host of others. This tool is strong, sturdy, and has a large channel to fit most cutting situations. Placed in a Kydex heavy duty sheath, it pulls out easily but is secure in the retained position. It can be easily attached almost anywhere on your gear.

Knife Type Neck
Overall Length 4.50"
Blade Length 0.44"
Blade Thickness 0.160"
Blade Finish Stone Wash Finish
Handle Style Skeletonized
Knife Weight 2.4 oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Designer TOPS Team
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