Dicer 10 Slicer

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The Dicer series is sure to replace all your old kitchen knives.
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Now a tradition at TOPS Knives, an employee design contest takes place each year. TOPS asks its employees to design a knife for specific use with some required specs. In 2016, it was a hatchet. In 2017, it was a chef’s knife. And that is how the Dicers were born.

The Dicer 10 is the Slicer/Carving knife that will make easy work of most meat cutting and anything else that requires a longer, narrower blade.

Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 15.25"
Blade Length 10.00"
Cutting Edge 10.00"
Blade Thickness 0.090"
Blade Steel CPM S35Vn RC 58-60
Blade Finish Tumble Finish
Handle Material Blue/Black G10
Knife Weight 9.4oz
Weight w/ Sheath 11.9oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Designer Leo Espinoza
Customer Reviews (1)
A great machete!
My mistake was not reading the specs sheet properly, if I did, I'd definitely think twice about purchasing it. I mean, I'd still buy it, most likely, I own three other kitchen knives made by TOPS and they really are excellent, except for the Sheath, which I threw away the same day.
I gotta warn potential buyers: this sword looks smaller in pictures! In real life it's very big, can't describe how not a kitchen knife this thing is, unless you constantly cut gigantic pieces of meat and only meat, and planning on doing so for the next 500 years because, the way this thing is made, it will outlive you and tour grandchildren.
It's very sharp, full tang, well made, the kydex sheath is horrific and isnt worth being in the same space as this glorious knife. This company makes great knives and I will find a use for this one as well, once I make it smaller, thinner and narrower.

Review by Oleg (Posted on 3/8/2021)
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