Frog Market Special Combo

Chop, Slice, Dice x2

Both sizes of the Frog Market Special piggybacked together in one sheath set up

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The Frog Market Special was the first set of "kitchen" knives made by TOPS. The designs were refined by Steven Dick on a trip he took to Hanoi, Vietnam. There he saw butchers and fishmongers using knives with a pattern he'd never seen before. They were able to prepare meats and fish of many varieties easily using their unique blades.

The wide heel on the Frog Market Specials allows for deep, shearing cuts. The steep curve up to the edge slices well. As you use the knife, you'll notice it has a very comfortable ergonomic handle. The thinner steel allows for clean, smooth cuts and gives the blades some added flexibility over thicker knives. The tip is also ideal for boning meats like chicken and pork. Although the Frog Market Specials are great in the kitchen, you'll find a myriad of uses for them while camping, fishing, and hunting as well.

This combo includes both sizes of the Frog Market Special and a piggy-backed sheath setup.

See individual pages for specs on each size of Frog Market Special.

Knife Type Fixed Blade
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Love these knives
I’ve used the FMS for everything from cutting up watermelon to boning short ribs to heading and gutting trout. They truly do everything, but keep them oiled! Love these knives! Review by Matt (Posted on 10/2/2018)
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