Operator 7

The next big thing from TOPS

Classic American “fighting” knife aesthetics and a workhorse tool
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The Operator 7 is huge! We went big with thick steel and handles to make a hefty, well-balanced knife that will excel as a workhorse tool. But it also has those classic American fighting knife aesthetics that make it look every bit as good as it will perform.

Made out of 5/16" thick 1075, the differentially heat treated blade will be impact resistant on the edge with a very strong spine. The handles start with Tan Canvas Micarta on the bottom sandwiched with Black G10 on top that has a great texture for grip. The entire handle is also over 1" thick once assembled to fill out the user's hand much like an ax or hatchet handle would.

Because it is a tool, it’s got to be useful and it's got to be comfortable. It's made for the fighters that don't back down. This knife will find its place with door kickers, survivalists, and weekend warriors alike. The rounded handles and hand guard make it a joy to use and the finger choil allows the user to get great precision for finer cuts. The six and a half inches of cutting edge will suffice for the vast majority of cutting tasks, and the weight will help the knife to a lot of the work itself. The included Kydex sheath with dangler attachment makes it easy to carry into whatever territory you find yourself.

Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 12.50"
Blade Length 7.25"
Cutting Edge 6.50"
Blade Thickness 0.310"
Blade Steel 1075 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Midnight Bronze
Handle Material Tan Canvas Micarta/Black G10
Knife Weight 18.9oz
Weight w/ Sheath 24.5oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Sheath Clip Dangler
Designer Leo Espinoza
Customer Reviews (6)
Now that's a knife!
This is my second knife from TOPS so far, a little Scandi Trekker being the first, and that knife is cute to say the least. I understand TOPS gives you the measurements of their blades for you to get an idea of what you're buying, but I failed to rationalize what I was actually getting. The Trekker is downright adorable next to this hunk of steel TOPS calls a knife. It'll make you smile with just how ridiculous it is. I bought it to use it but the selling point of "BIG ASS KNIFE" is enough too. Review by Christian S (Posted on 7/23/2021)
this is my first ever tops knife the operator 7 really blew my mind its a stout yet maneuverable blade very sharp and bad to the bone its big and strong and feels very good in the hands its a great knife tops really out did themselfs on this one i highly recommend this knife if your looking for a knife to last a lifetime this is the knife for you Review by Big G (Posted on 4/3/2021)
Quintessential Survivor Knife.
I have been fortunate enough, over the years to own most survival, tactical, and essential knives from a vast majority of USA high end knife makers. Some great others, not so much. Spending the first 34 years growing up in the woods of the northwest, you learn very quickly which knives work, and which knives fail. Tops’ offerings, including this beloved Operator 7, in my opinion, has no rival! They say, everything is bigger in Texas, this knife is build for the Texan in all of us. Thanks again guys for breaking the mold! KG 2021 Review by Kurt (Posted on 2/18/2021)
Remember "The Return of the King"?
When Aragorn picks up Anduril and holds it and Howard Shore's music hits crescendo? Remember that feeling?

Yes, that feeling. This knife can make you feel like you are capable of taking on a horde of mutant-pirate-zombie-ninja-werewolves. A bit over the top you say? This is the "over the top" of TOPS designs! Hold the Operator 7 in your hands and experience it for yourself.

In all my years of collecting knives, using them in the dense jungles of India and the tundra of Nordics, I have never seen anything like this.

Sure, my CUT 4.0 will still be my urban EDC, but for my last 2 hikes, I have experimented with my latest possession - the Operator 7. I feared the knife might be a bit too heavy for steep climbs with its 600g weight (incl. sheath). But I must say it hasn't slowed me down on both occassions.

Despite its over the top thickness, the handle fits so perfectly in my medium sized hands. And the acid rain finish with the aforementioned perfect handle is just beautiful.

The sheath is amazing and dangler is the way to go for a big boy like this one. Retention is exceptional and the large drain hole at the tip is quite useful.

The recurve on the edge is a great idea and bites into wood easily. Sharpening may take a few seconds more, but what you get is absolutely worth it. The hilt is surely meant for tactical usage, but even for camp tasks, it gives a reassurance as you click it open from the sheath. Even with the choke option however, I would prefer a smaller blade for finer tasks.

As for the tactical application, the balance around the hilt is perfect. It is quite easy to switch grips and train. The pommel combined with the hilt gives you good options for pommel smash. I suggest a bit of bulking up and improving wrist strength before getting into tactical usage. The heft might throw the user off a bit during a slice initially. I am learning to adjust my stance to compensate for it, but it is so much fun training with this.

It was quite a remarkable adventure to get this into India and explain to the authorities during import that I wasn't planning to sacrifice 7000 buffalos on a full moon's night. But it was totally worth it.
Review by Rare Akuma (Posted on 1/2/2021)
The Be All End All.
As most knife guys can probably tell you, sometimes you’re just inexplicably drawn to a blade. It may not happen very often, but when it does, it hits sudden and it hits hard. You can’t shake the urge until it’s in your possession. You know you’re going to love it, but once you get it in hand and put it to use, it far exceeds your already high expectations. The Operator Seven is that knife. I was intrigued by the design, but had no idea how well it would fit the hand and what a pleasure it would be to use. Just picking it up makes you feel like Sam Elliot fending off a grizzly. Over the top analogy? Sure, but “confidence inspiring” just doesn’t quite cover such a beast. We’re talking awesomeness with max-usability, here. I’ve got large mitts and that inch wide handle is sculpted and contoured in such a way, it feels like it was custom made for my hand. I’ve handled a lot of knives in my 38 years, and never have I seen such a thick slab of steel. It’s obscene, yet the design is so well thought out, you will be amazed with how well it slices and that kind-of brings me to this: Versatility. The Operator Seven has it in spades. This one is just as happy busting up kindling and splitting logs as it is tearing down cardboard. It’ll even slice up an onion if you want, which given that aforementioned blade-thickness, is just incredible. For a knife of such heft, the balance actually makes you forget about the weight. The choil was a big point of interest for me. Not that it would be a deal-breaker without it, but I’ve absolutely come to appreciate them on my fixed-blade knives. Combined with the fuller and the recurve, it just adds up to a great-looking blade.

Bottom Line: This one has that “It” factor. If you’re on the fence, you’ve got the means (ABSOLUTELY worth the nickel), and you just need that little nudge, just pull the trigger. You will not be sorry.
Review by Bill (Posted on 9/12/2019)
Impressive knife...
Tell you what buddy-ro ...this is one stout knife! This is my first Tops knife and boy am i impressed.The fit and finish on my Operator 7 is second to none. The G10 over linen micarta handle fits my large sized hands well and affords me excellent control over the 7.5 inch hair shaving sharp 1075 high carbon steel blade.This knife is so balanced it feels like an extension of your hand.I purchased my knife from GP Knives and it came packaged in a nice box sealed in a plastic bag with a certificate of authenticity (these knives are numbered) If you need a tough and capable knife for extreme conditions get your own Operator 7...you won't be disappointed! Review by Michael V (Posted on 1/8/2019)
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