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Review by Caled Musgrave Canadian Bushcraft:

Shango is one of the most powerful gods for many african natives. The "SHANGO" represents fire, thunder and lightning. In the caribbean yoruba religion, SHANGO lights up the darkness with lightning so followers can find their way, Shango also brings prosperity and good strategy to those deserving. Hey, you never know what extra 'goodies' you may get with this very versitile, compact and well designed knife, by professional outdoors-man and survival instructor, Joe Flowers. This may be the perfect answer to those who like to have the ability to start their own fires, Joe has cleverly designed a small scraper at the back of the handle. This enables the user to scrape a small amount of magnesium in a pile and then effectively scrape the ferro rod, with a shower of sparks. Bottom line, you don't have to use or abuse your blade's cutting edge. This light weight knife is a joy to carry, around your neck, in your pocket, or even inside your hat... GREAT AND EFFECTIVE LITTLE TOOL.

Title: SERE Instructor

Name of Knife: Shango

Build- Large
Hand Size- Large

Experience- 10+
Terrain Experienced- Desert, Tropical, Urban, Mountain, Arctic
Skills- Hunter, Sere Instructor, General Outdoor

Overall Rating- 4.75
I loved this knife! Extremely useful and an all around great knife

Appearance/ Design- 5
I really liked everything about this design, it’s a great design. Again the option for a belt clip would be great.

Handle Comfort- 5
The handle was great, I liked the holes if you wanted to lash it to make a spear. The handle had a pronounced curve before the blade that gave you a good grip on the
knife. At first I wished it had some handle piece on it like the badger pup but the
more I used it I realized it was unnecessary and that would make it hard to make a

Blade Length- 5
It’s a little longer than the Badger Pup which is nice and not any noticeable
difference in weight.

Blade Thickness- 5
Nice and thick for toughness but still didn’t add weight.

Blade Color/ Coating- 5
Nothing to add

Blade Edge-3
Needs a smaller bevel

Point Configuration-5
Nothing to add

Overall Field Performance-5

*Lansky Sharpener
*Fire Starter
*Snap Link
*Neck Chain


O/A Length: 6 1/2"
Blade Length: 2 3/4"
Thickness: 5/32"
Steel: 440C RC 58-60 Cryo Treated
Handle: Skeleton
Blade Color: Tactical Gray
Sheath: Kydex
Weight: .15lb

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