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William P. Hill's Biography


Over 20 years of extensive experience supervising training, curriculum development and personnel management to ensure all goals and objectives were attained ahead of schedules. Master Training Specialist. Specific skills and abilities include:

  • Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • Team Building
  • Scheduling / Curriculum
  • Customer Relations


Supervisor, quality control and senior analyst for joint intelligence target packages and 200 short-fused feasibility assessment studies, which enhanced readiness and facilitated planning for special operations commands.
Developed a prospectus for installing security systems in Turkish banks and Saudi security compounds. Assisted development of a wetsuit system that was warmer and more flexible, which increased the commands combat readiness 8%.
Coordination of training and operational schedules.
Flawlessly for over 250 personnel with an extremely high operational tempo. Delegation of assignments to my subordinates to maximize use of available assets.
Estimating and coordinating an annual operational and training budget of $400,000.00 for 250 personnel. Acquiring air transportation assets at no cost to the command, saving thousands of dollars in airfares.
Team Building
Developed a plan and methodology to reorganize the Navy Seal Teams into task oriented commands. Provided training, direction, professional development and counseling which enhanced morale and increased retention 5% more than 6 other commands.
Customer Relations
Excelled in human relations, equal opportunity and public relations of foreign students. Directed industrial safety programs and quality of life surveys.

Work Experience

May 1995 - Present:
Seal Team Three, San Diego, CA
- Command Master Chief. Responsible for morale, welfare, education, training, employment and continuous process improvement activities for two hundred fifty personnel. Advisor to the commanding officer and implementor of his policies. Assisting in research and developing new command employment and equipment.
August 1992 - May 1995:
Joint Intelligence Center Pacific, Honolulu, HI
- Navy Senior Enlisted Advisor. Supervisor and quality control inspector of intelligence packages and briefings for the special operations branch.
March 1989 - August 1992:
Seal Team Three, San Diego, CA
- Operations Chief. Responsible for all phases of national and foreign operations, planning and acquiring assets for training and deployments, supervision of training exercises and direct liaison with support commands. Estimating and coordinating a $400,000 operational and training budget for 250 personnel.
April 1986 - March 1989:
Recruit Training Center, San Diego, CA
- Seal/Diver Motivator and Master Training Specialist. Responsible for pool supervision, recruiting and physical fitness coordination. Physical security supervisor, security consultant, executive protection and strike security coordinator. Estimated and coordinated the annual budget for pool operations.
November 1970 - April 1986:
Seal Team One, San Diego, CA
- Platoon Chief Petty Officer, Operations Chief, Intelligence Officer and Instructor. Responsible for all phases of Seal operations local and foreign, supervision of training exercises, training of foreign personnel, diving, parachuting, demolitions, planning and acquiring assets for training and missions, responsible for physical and operational security, planning and writing target folders, training of marine mammals, instructed records and files and intelligence related courses. Deployed to the Republic of Viet Nam as a Seal Advisor.


  • Masters of Oriental Medicine - Tai Hsuan Foundation
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Southern Illinois University
  • Naval Investigative Services Physical Security Supervisor's Course


  • American Society for Industrial Security
  • Hong Kong Martial Arts Association

Licenses and Special Certificates

  • California Private Patrol Operators License
  • Master Training Specialist
  • Martial Arts Instructor
  • CPR/First Aid Qualified
  • Current Passport/International Drivers License
  • Windows Course
  • WordPerfect Course
  • Demming's Total Quality Management Course
  • Hostage Rescue Training
  • Dynamics of International Terrorism Training


  • 08/97 Combat Fighting Course Coronado, CA
  • 07/97 Shaws Shooting School Memphis, TN
  • 05/97 WP 6.0 for Windows Coronado, CA
  • 03/97 Suicide Awareness/Prevention Seminar San Diego, CA
  • 10/96 Total Quality Leadership for Senior Managers Coronado, CA
  • 04/92 Navy Legal Officer Course Honolulu, HI
  • 01/90 Casualty Assistance Officer Course Coronado, CA
  • 11/89 Alarm Bypass Coronado, CA
  • 10/89 MS DOS/WP 5.0 Coronado, CA
  • 09/89 Rodgers Advanced Weapons School Elijay, GA
  • 03/87 Shipboard Security Engagement Tactics San Diego, CA
  • 10/86 Physical Security Supervisors Course San Diego, CA
  • 03/83 Range Safety Officers Course Coronado, CA
  • 01/83 Fast Rope Master Coronado, CA
  • 08/81 Dynamics of International Terrorism Eglin AFB, FL
  • 04/81 Special Warfare Indoctrination Eglin AFB, FL
  • 03/80 Kitchen Demolitions Subic Bay, RP
  • 03/80 Close Quarter Battle Australian SAS Subic Bay, RP
  • 05/78 Water Safety Survival Instructor Course Coronado, CA
  • 02/76 Career Information and Counseling Coronado, CA
  • 04/76 Overseas Diplomacy Course Coronado, CA
  • 03/75 Free fall Jumpmaster Course Coronado, CA
  • 05/74 Basic Welding San Diego, CA
  • 03/74 Diving Supervisor Course Coronado, CA
  • 07/73 Army Jumpmaster Course Okinawa
  • 06/73 Mountain Warfare Chin Hae, Korea
  • 04/73 Drug Familiarization Course Coronado, CA
  • 03/73 Shore Patrol/Riot Control Course Coronado, CA
  • 01/73 Naval Gunfire Coronado, CA
  • 01/73 Northern Warfare Survival Ft. Greeley, AK
  • 01/72 Human Response Course Coronado, CA
  • 10/71 Port Studies/Seal Advisor Training Cuyamaca, CA
  • 09/71 High Altitude Low Opening Training Coronado, CA
  • 08/71 Shipboard Instructor Course San Diego, CA
  • 06/71 Psychological Operations Niland, CA
  • 06/71 Prisoner Handling/Safeguarding Niland, CA
  • 05/71 Rappelling Niland, CA
  • 04/71 Field Medicine Coronado, CA
  • 04/71 Intelligence Gathering Coronado, CA
  • 04/71 Weapons Familiarization (foreign/U.S.) Coronado, CA
  • 01/71 Naval Special Warfare Communications Course Coronado, CA
  • 01/71 Small Unit Tactics Coronado, CA
  • 11/70 Basic Airborne Ft. Benning, GA
  • 05/70 Basic Underwater Demolitions/ Seal Course Coronado, CA
  • 04/69 Basic Cargo Handling Williamsburg, VA
  • 03/69 Counter Insurgency/ SERE School Little Creek, VA
  • 10/68 Naval Boot Camp Great Lakes, IL
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